XBMC Tuxbox Enigma Stream Client (Enigma Based Dreambox & Dbox2)

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XBMC Tuxbox Enigma Stream Client (Enigma Based Dreambox & Dbox2)

It's time for a progress announcement.

XBMC TuxBox Stream Client
The TuxBox Stream Client will only work with Enigma Based TuxBox images, this includes Dreambox and Dbox2.

Dbox2 Users with Neutrino Images: to use the XBMC TuxBox Client you must switch to a Enigma based images. I Recommend the PB-Enigma images from http://www.pb-powerboard.com/ or Enigma Based Images from other groups for the Dbox2.

How does it working:
you just create a share with the Tuxbox IP adress and login informations.
On Opening, the client will receive the Bouquet + Channel list.. and on select a channel , it will begin to stream... it will also display Current and Next Events. EPG, Recording and other usefull things and Information will be add. later.

The Share will be:


P.s.: if you want help me, i'm looking for a Sponsored Dreambox 7025.