X-Dream TV

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X-Dream TV
Hot Bird-13E 12,211H
SR=6161 FEC=3/4

New television channel X-Dream TV has started clear broadcast from Hot Bird 3 - 13E satellite on 1st of November. Unfortunately, X-Dream TV channel will become encrypted since January 2004 in DreamCrypt new encryption, which was specially designed for Dreambox receivers. The identification of new DreamCrypt encryption is already known - 4A70h: Dream Multimedia TV.

X-Dream TV parameters are:
Hot Bird 3 - 13E; 12,211H; SR=6161; FEC=3/4, Video PID 1105, Audio PID 1107.

More information on X-Dream TV Internet website:

It was know already since a long time that Dream Multimedia TV, well known from Magic CI modules and multimedia Dreambox satellite receivers is to start broadcast of its own 24-hours erotic television channel. In this way, company will sell large quantity of Dreambox receivers as well as new Universal CI modules with new encryption.

X-Dream TV it to broadcast from 5 to 10 erotic movies grouped in 8 hours block every day. Each day, channel will broadcast at least one new movie, which have not been earlier broadcasted elsewhere. X-Dream TV will try to avoid to show movies with silicon-porno stars and it will focus to show unprofessional movies. There will be also a thematic blocks on every Tuesday and Sunday nights, including "amateur X-Dream night" .