VH1 - Madonna Weekend

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VH1 - Madonna Weekend

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Madonna Weekend
Sat 19th & Sun 20th August

Madonna is also one of the most commercially successful artists in the history of popular music, and an icon for female pop stars worldwide, thanks to her proven ability to reinvent herself while retaining complete control of her career. No other female singer in the pop arena has been as prominent or as successful over such a long period of time.

Highlights include:

Story Of Madonna - Sunday from 1400 CET
This six-part programme reviews Madonna's long and illustrious career. Featuring all the videos she has ever made in chronological order, played alongside the story of her life, you can follow her story from the very start, and watch her style changes and career developments at every stage of the way.

Making The Video Madonna 'Die Another Day' - Saturday at 1530 CET
Never one to do things by halves, watch as the Queen Of Pop yet again manages to rouse controversy and create an enthralling video. And this time she is stepping into the shoes of the infamous Bond girl, as she provides the signature tune, "Die Another Day".