Uusi Hydra Angharad nyt myös 5620s:lle

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Uusi Hydra Angharad nyt myös 5620s:lle

eli nyt sitten toi uusi Hydra löytyy 5620s:llekin
Löytyy: tuolta

Tässä speksit (kopio ko sivulta):

Hydra56xx Angharad 1.06 image

- 1.06 kernel (2.4.20)
- 1.08.2 enigma (2004.10.22)
- Radegast [v3.0 beta13]
- Newcamd [v5.24]
- DreamCrypt [v 1.08.2]
- NetPilot advance (v3.0 beta13 (c)2004 The_Hydra/Team Radegast.)
- autosatxml v1.5
- rdgdedit v1.7 (Radegast Edit Plugin by The_Hydra. Invoked from Sm@rtCAM - blue button.)
- scamedit v1.0 (SCAM Edit Plugin by The_Hydra. Edits SCAM config and *** files. Invoked from Sm@rtCAM - blue button.)
- NSListing v1.0 (Netstat Plugin by The_Hydra.)
- PSListing v1.0 (Process list Plugin by The_Hydra.)
- Netpilot ConnectView v1.0 (lists netpilot connections The_Hydra.)
- Sm@rtCAM v1.2 (NEW!!!! Sticky interface. Makes it easy to stick channels and providers to a softCAM)
To invoke rdgdedit or scamedit press ok on the softCAM in the list field.)
- Control Panel v1.9 (To customise just edit /var/etc/cpanel.xml. Invoked by green button.)
- Plugins now invoked by yellow button.
- camd files in /var/bin for ease of use
- password change allowed by user to any password
- New BusyBox v1.00-rc3 (2004.10.15-12:56+0000)
- Modified Simple and Stylish skin with crypt icons and active SoftCam in OSD.
- OSD supports Green Button - C-Panel, Yellow Button - Plugins, Blue Button - Sm@rtCAM
- SNR meter added to the OSD
- Internet images updates
- Working DHCP support
- bullz_text ready - C-Panel has bullz menu. Thanks to bullz
- Games ready - libfx library now bundled with image
- New Addon Manager to uninstall and manual install addons
- The_Hydra on-line news service, be the first to see announcements!!!

Downloadable addons:
- Bullz_text v0.27
- Dreambox Chess v1.1
- DreamBox Weather Forecast v.1.4
- DrTic v1.8
- Games
- Jukebox Plugin
- Mosaik Plugin
- MultiView - EPG vB3.0 Lite (Once downloaded use double click red button to access)
- PhoneBook v1.0
- Picviewer Plugin v1.0.5
- rss Reader v1.5
- Samba
- Shell_tool v0.9
- SysInfo Plugin v0.75
- Tuxcom Plugin v1.6

Downloadable softCAMS:
- CAMD3 v3.664a
- CAMX v1.11
- CS_CLNT v1.13
- EVOCAMD v3.3
- MGCAMD v 23.10.2004
- RADEGAST v.3beta14
- SCAM v31.08
- SCAM v12.09
- XCAMD v2.0

Downloadable languages:
- Czech ech
- Danish Dansk
- Deutsch Deutsch
- Dutch Nederlands
- Finnish Suomi
- French Français
- Greek •»»·½¹º¬
- Hungarian Magyar
- Italian Italiano
- Norwegian Norsk
- Polish Polski
- Portuguese Portuguese
- Romanian Român
- Russian CAA:>
- ****** Slovaški
- Spanish Español
- Swedish Svenskt
- Turkish Türk

Downloadable settings:
- Joske Settings (Now automatically reloads the settings into the Dreambox)
- Pet123 Settings (Now automatically reloads the settings into the Dreambox)

Fixes / New Features:
- New busybox v1.00-rc3 with zombie fix
- New Addon Manager in C-Panel
- Image checks /var size and warns if > 90%
- New uninstall function
- New manual addon install function (download and place hydra .tar.gz files into /tmp)
- New tuxtxt v1.76 22-10-2004 with language select


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