Uusi Gemini 2.00

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Uusi Gemini 2.00

Gemini 2.00 (Dream 7000):

Based on DMM 1.09

Technical info:
Enigma from 06.06.2005
Web Interface: 3.3.0
Blue Panel: v1.6
User Info: v0.1
WLAN Setup: v0.7

BLUE Button - Blue Panel
YELLOW Button - Quick-Button (can be adjusted over BluePanel)
AUDIO Button - Audio Selection
TEXT Button - Videotext
RED Button - EPG List for the current channel
2x RED Button - Double Click for EPG Style Menu
GREEN Button – Subservices

AutoCam: Emus can be linked to Channel/Provider
CamName: Renaming of Emus
Record CIFS: Recording on a harddisk mounted via CIFS (only available if there is no hdd in the box)
Record NFS: Recording on a harddisk mounted via NFS (only available if there is no hdd in the box)
Showing the clock(and only the clock!) can be assigned to the QuickButton
MOD can be moved to USB/HDD/CF and also back to root

- ECM display on the infobar (unfortunately not with Camd3 and SCAM possible at present - Camd3 will follow in the next image, about SCAM we don't have any informations)
- Message: Autoidentification between Neutrino and Enigma
- Wireless Lan Module: with 64 & 128 Bit encryption
- DreamDyn – DynDNS
- Gemini News in several languages (support in german and english from the GeminiTeam)
- Common Interface Message switch offable
- In Harddisk Setup new Button: hddoff
- Freeze Picture under Quickbutton (freezed image with screenshot to /tmp)
- Path selectable for Addons manual installations
- Infobar switchable at the OK button between Time or OK
- Size Info extended

We thank you all, which participated in the “suggestion thread for the Gemini”. Unfortunately, many things are not feasible from our side.

Consider also please, Gemini is based on a new CVS and some plugins do not function any longer and have to be compiled by the owner again!

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