Uusi e2board-image

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Uusi e2board-image

E² - The next step

presents its first DM7025 Image

The scene is full of crappy patched images with
modifications nobody needs and customizations
nobody wants. So we made ourselfes the attitude to
bring an Enigma² Firmware nearly in-line with
DMM-CVS. Beginners should be able to use an
unpatched Image with all the efforts, others only
gain by patching. Possiblities must always be just
watching TV or increasing the own abilities. Its in
your hand.

Under the hood:
Just as told Enigma² is unpatched... Nearly... We
integrated the USB-modules into the kernel for
making many things easier. Also, as it is just a
tiny thing, we added the posibility to choose
"restart Enigma²" in the shutdown Menu.
All addons you'd like to use can be installed by
our E²-Menu. Everything you need should be list
there. If not, let us know. You know where to find

Enigma: 01.09.2007
Openembedded: 1.5
Web Interface: Beta 0.98.1
enigma2-plugins: 01.09.2007
e2board adddons: 01.09.2007
Busybox: 1.01
Drivers: 26.08.2007
Mgcamd: 1.24