Uusi DreamTV 0.49 beta

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Uusi DreamTV 0.49 beta

Uusi DreamTV 0.49 beta softa pc:lle, tukee 1.08 imageja:

- Transponderzap (works only on FTA Channels or with MultiService CIs.)
- switch Audio-/Videotrack
- 12 favorite Channels
- Screen Capture
- QuickEPG
- Wakeup Alarm (shows userdefined Text in x Minutes or at xx:xx)
- adjustable WebPort (not supported by TuxVision, you MUST use the included Filter.)
- use Authorization for all WebIF Functions
- DualMonitor and UTF-8 Support
- keep Aspectratio for userdefined Windowsize (turn off statusbar for sizing)
- A=alternative Audiodecoder, C=capture Screen, D=DeInterlacer, Q=QuickEPG, T=Transponderzap, W=Wakeup Alarm, F1-F12 Favorites
- click on Statusbar executes corresponding Action
- User Manual
- Screensaver & Formatdetection Options removed (now always enabled)
- Parameter "-s" & "-ph/r" removed (now via Setup), added "-c" to disable Screencapture and "-t" for TCP-Streaming