UCS Bruteforce

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UCS Bruteforce

Hi folks,

We now have full *Via2* algo. All credit to some fine Russian hacker, who succeeded, with a little help from NTV+, who should maybe think about employing him rather than the fools who chose to make key updates for that provider.

Here is the position in light of that algo information with regard to BF of Viaccess system. As we argued all along (contrary to too many posts to the opposite to mention), 16 byte keys in case of *Viaccess2* providers must be split to two 8 byte keys to be processed. This is what does occur.

We knew from calculations made from logs that the mask in *Via2* remained the same as in *Via1*, and argued so from the start. That also is the case.

In fact, in one circumstance the algo for *Via2* does still equal the algo for *Via1*. If the second 8 modifier bytes of the 16 bytes stored for keys in *Via2* are zeroes, then *Via2* is *Via1*. We knew *Via1* providers could be added to a *Via2* card in MOSCing and work, and this now gives the reason why.

So there is a circumstance in which current BF could deliver a key that opens a *Via2* provider. If such a circumstance would be used in practice, then it would only ever be used in the very first gen of *Via2* cards which, in fact, we happen to be bruting. So it's technically possible, but in our judgment now extremely unlikely. Certainly in the foreseeable future, unless PCs get many, many powers faster, bruting of the Viaccess system for ops and MKs is over.

We don't intend to take any unilateral decision from above in closing the current BF, but rather will leave it up to you the members to make your own decisions in the matter. You have the facts: it is technically possible to find a working key for a provider by this BF, but it's our judgment that chances of that practically are very, very slim.

Eli, lisätietoa (eo. täydellisenä) on luettavissa vkeys forumilla ja UCS-sivulla. Nyt on jokaisesta itsestä kiinni haluaako jatkaa. Mutta kuten eo. lyhennelmästä käy ilmi, mahdollisuudet oikean vastauksen saamiseen ovat minimaaliset.


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