Toimiva 1.08 d ruDream..

Toimiva 1.08 d ruDream..

no niin, saivathan poitsut fixit valmiiksi:

ruDREAM 23-07-2004 HOT FIX

md5: 3128178f057ac59ebfbf224abe61f911

Welcome to ruDREAM image based on:

kernel v.2.6.5
enigma v.1.08 ( mod ruDREAM )
module v.1.08

EMU & CARDREADER in image:

DreamCrypt v.1.08


internet keyupdate
internet addonupdate
remember emu type for chanel and bouquet


EMUD v.1.10
EMUSET v.1.17
ALL EMU (available to download)
OTHER ADDON (available to download)


TETRIS v.1.4
OTHER GAMES (available to download)

Change button funtion:

BLUE button - emuset
YELLO button - plugins list
AUDIO button - sound stream & mode select
TEXT button - video text
RED button - EPG List for current channel
RED button - double click for show EPG Style menu

irc channel #dbox2 (dalnet)

Special thx:

kindzadza, mixvt, lucgas, chameleon, pnk66, shopen,
puh, xphile, sphinx, Tom0000, mad*spike, mizu, jirka,
FvS, ddv.

Compiled by:

ruDREAM team

only for this image:
1. not use mode OSD for EMU, because of many EMU have bug
2. restore/bakup function is not compatible with old images

ChangeLog & notes:


- added simple runscript and show script menu, for the detailed information look readme.txt
- added new command mvfile, for the detailed information look readme.txt
- fixing bug in command runmenuonfile
new ADDONMANAGER v.2.00:
- added opportunity of show md5 and size the packed file with addon
new EMUSET v.1.19:
- fixing small bug in editor config file for newcamd
- added support the new version camd3, while only simple dialogue
- added dialog install addon external MultiView EPG
- added option enable/disable auto-update frontprocessor
- added EMU’s special info (for newcamd EMU)
new in ENIGMA:
- added opportunity of show md5 the image for software update
- added opportunity of enable/disable show zap error descrambled
- added opportunity of enable/disable use external plugin for show EPG
- added opportunity of show dialog chose EPG style at double click red button
- added by pressing the red button it is shown EPG the chosen style (smart red button)
- fixing bug for selecting channel in Multi EPG dialog
- fixing bug LCD in mode main menu
- fixing BIG BUG in cache EPG, big TNX ddv
- fixing bug sofware update menu
- fixing small bug in file rcS for debug
- added opportunity in rcS script for enable/disable setting IP config
- update satellite.xml

(*) available manual installation and loading through the menu
(**) available manual installation

-cvs update [19-07-2004]

As with an output of image the structure of additions which can be loaded through the menu or under direct references is updated, direct references can be found in a file:
http:// (remove blanks)
CAMD3 v. 14.11.20033.34
CAMD3 v3.644 - new
Mgcamd v. 02.07.2004
RADEGAST (v. 3.0beta9) - beta 10 (not public)
UCAS v. 03.06.04

Language pack:
Language Arabic
Language Czech
Language Danish
Language Deutsch
Language Ellinika
Language Spanish
Language Finnish
Language French
Language Croatia
Language Hungarian
Language Italian
Language Dutch
Language Norwegian
Language Polish
Language Portuguese
Language Romania
Language Russian - bult in
Language Slovakian
Language Slovenian
Language Suomi
Language Svenska
Language Turkish

Drtic (v. 1.9) AR
Drtic (v. 1.9) CZ
Drtic (v. 1.9) EN
Drtic (v. 1.9) FR
Drtic (v. 1.9) GR
Drtic (v. 1.9) HU
Drtic (v. 1.9) NL
Drtic (v. 1.9) PL
Drtic (v. 1.9) SI
Key wizard (v. 1.06) - new with key editor (tnx Tom0000)
MultiView EPG
MultiView EPG lite
NFS Server
PICVIEWER (v. 0.9)
Samba Server
TUXDNS - client for dns service

sitten noilla ruDreamin omilla addoneilla voit pyyhkiä jotain tai heitellä vesilintuja...ihan sama...
Homma menee putkeen :

all_in_one 11 for RuDream
here is a new version of your favorite file all_in_one for RuDream by: hazem
all_in_one 11
compatible with rudream 1.08



* Newcamd-cardserver tng 5.10
* Radegast v 3.0 beta 10 - NEW
* SCAM -Tiger-20.07 - NEW
* MGcamd 17.07.2004 - NEW
* Evocamd 2004-21 - NEW


* Keywizard
* Multiview
* TuxBox Commander
* Picviewer
* DVB logger
* Jukebox
* Shell Tool
* NFS mount
* Tuxcalendar
* DreamNetCast V 1.0 - NEW
* Samba full


* Deutsch
* French
* Italian
* Netherkamds
* Polish
* Spanis
* Hungarian
* Czech
* Turkish



# if you run Rudream img from external flash :
* ftp the attached file to /tmp
* do manual install of addons
dream -->setup -->manager addons -->manual install addons -->tmp -->OK

# if you run Rudream img from the internal flash , you must have external flash mounted to your DM like USB or HDD
* ftp tha attached file to /var/mnt/usb/addons OR /hdd/addons
* * do manual install of addons
dream -->setup -->manager addons -->manual install addons -->usb -->OK
* do manual install of addons
dream -->setup -->manager addons -->manual install addons -->HDD -->OK

silviisiin; testattu ja toimivaksi havaittu ilman niitä samoja 1.08 ruDreamin ongelmia...tuohon vielä bullz_textin asennus ja melkoisen hyvä image on boxissa. Tämä ruDream tuntuu toimivan ainakin HDD:lta ihan mainiosti...ja tuo 11 addonhan edellyttää lähestulkoon imagen oloa external muistissa..