Tiukka linjanveto, hyvä !!!!!

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Tiukka linjanveto, hyvä !!!!!

Newcamd porukka on sitten tehnyt linjanvedon kaupallisen piratismin, toimittajien politiikan ja tulevien julkaisujensa suhteen. Erittäin kunnioitettava julkilausuma, toivottavasti sat. community ymmärtää yskän. Samoin toivottavasti toimittajat ymmärtävät myöskin yskän ja lukevat ihan ohimennen EU-direktiiviin vapaasta tiedonvälityksestä (so. "information without frontiers"), tämä on ainoa oikea ja kannatettava tapa taistella kaupallista piratismia vastaan. Toimittajien olisi syytä huomioida, että näin menetellen he saisivat myöskin tarvitsemansa tuen sat. communityn jäseniltä (=edistykselliset alan harrastajat):
Homman nimi on se, että jos ns. CAFE (carsharing; Conditional Access Free Forever = CAFE) leviää kaupallisen piratismin käyttöön, merkitsee se yksinkertaisesti sitä, että satelliittitoimittajat joutuvat kasvokkain P2P verkkojen kanssa ja musiikkibusiness on helvetin hyvä esimerkki siitä mitä sitten seuraa..
1. For standalone (outside of flash images) distribution, you are NOT allowed
to make any changes to the original ZIP archive whatsoever. Distributions of
newcamd must not include any keys or Nagra ROMs.

It seems to the newcamd Team that this rule has been ignored repeatedly in the
recent past on UMP alone by files like newcamd_v5.10e_full_0507.rar or


It is also our firm believe that access to Free-TV is made way to easy for
people at the moment and we are seriously considering disallowing the
distribution of future newcamd releases inside flash images. We have been
following a public policy up until now, because we wanted to provide a free
alternative to the never ending greed of the commerical pirates. But we do
believe however, that we can ask everyone wanting to use our software, to get
out of their TV armchairs and pause the growing of their asses (to quote the
writer of a certain FAQ) long enough to learn how to upload a couple of files
to their boxes via ftp, read the supplied documentation and edit a couple of
keyfiles. Everybody can learn how to do that easily, and we mean EVERYBODY.
We feel that anyone claiming the contrary, is just too lazy to even try.
To sum up, we believe all the emu images and full automatic internet key
downloads at the push of a button are hurting the Free-TV community more then it
serves it by forcing Pay-TV providers to implement stronger countermeasures and
we would ask all image makers out there to rethink their position.


And since we are discussing politics already, some recent news bulletins on
several news services indicated the European Union thinking about forcing Pay-
TV providers to offer their services beyond national borders to anyone who wants
a subscription. We strongly support such a move and we pledge that the emu and
cardsharing facilities in newcamd would be discontinued if Pay-TV providers
would start to offer their services internationally under the same conditions
they offer it to national residents. In particular:

1. same choice and contents of all channel packages (no stripped-down
international subscriptions like Digiturk Euro).
2. same prices as for national customers

It was never the intention of the newcamd Team that people would use it to steal
the services of their national Pay-TV provider (or any other provider they could
officially subscribe to). If and when everyone would be able to officially
subscribe to any Pay-TV package he wants to, under the same conditions as
everyone else and regardless of where he lives, we would feel newcamd becoming
kind of obsolete. The only reason why we make newcamd support emu and card
sharing is to overcome this discrimination by Pay-TV providers to offer official
subscriptions to national residents only.