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Timmy-TV v3.0, TV-streaming system. | Huoltovalikko

Hi there. This is the home of Timmy-TV streaming system.

Timmy-TV is a light-weight, easy to deploy Dream Box’s TV streaming system. The purpose is to present a simple webpage from where user selects a TV channel and then stream it to almost any client over the Web using h264 videocoding and rtsp/http delivery protocol.

Requirements (Server side)
  • Runs on almost every platform. Supported are Windows (xp,vista,7), Linux and MacOS.
  • Fare-machine (dual-Atom at 1.8GHz will do fine) to host the Web Server and VLC.
  • Any Web Server (e.g. apache) and PHP 5.3+ attached to the web Server. In windows PHP v5.3.17 installer does not have "php_com_dotnet.dll". Download it from ZIP and manually put it to EXT/ folder. Add extension to php.ini. This is needed to create COM object to kick VLC up.
  • Any DreamBox based Digital TV Set top box that has enigma2 based image. DreamboxWebControll activated.
  • VLC v1.1.5 is the most working one.
  • Local area network (LAN) infrastructure. Server and DreamBox needs to be in same IP space.
Requirements (Client side)
  • Stream can be viewed either in any web browser with Adobe Flash Player or in device's native video Player, capable to use rtsp delivery protocol.
  • Supported clients are e.g. Nokia Symbian ^3, Nokia N9
  • All Android devices from 2.2x and up.
  • iPhone & iPad are unfortunately NOT supported, yet.
  • Lumia (wp) are not supported, yet.
  • Only one file needs to be tweaked, settings.php.
  • Timmy-TV’s preferences are highly adjustable and quite easy. Almost every user interface’s default values can be changed easily.
  • Default total bitrates are different according to network. LAN and internet clients get different defaults.
  • Timmy-TV is Single User, multiple Viewer Video-Streaming system: One to decide the actions, several others just to consume the selected Video Stream (player launchers).
  • Timmy-TV user Interface is designed to be light and simple and targeted for mobile devices. User interface width is 800px as default (can be changed easily).
  • Timmy-TV has options to set subtitle and audio to desired language.
  • User can select bandwidth (128kbit/sec - 2Mbit/sec) as best to fit the purpose / environment.
  • Cabalility to use 3rd party rtsp server as delivery mechanism. Package includes Darwin Streaming Server v5.5.5 for Windows + instructions on how to... Default settings is to use VLC's rtp output module.
  • Audio-track is always coded to AAC Stereo 96kbit/sec at 44kHz, so bitrate can be even 128kbit/sec to get fluent audio out (musicTV e.g)
  • User can create a browser bookmark from playing TV channel: all needed settings are in the bookmark to resume it from.
  • Bouquets current EPGs are now fetched from Telvis / Telkku to get the full view on what's on. Channel icons acts as link to view as well.
  • WebCams on user's LAN can easely be added to Timmy-TV. WebCams are listed under Bouquets selection..
  • Picons included are DreamBox compatible directly.
How to Install and troubleshoot in "ReleaseNotes.txt"


  • Better Linux-compatibility.
  • If Debug-mode is enabled, the dump.txt file can be viewed by clicking the Diskette icon on top of Bouquets selection-list
  • EPG Mode enabled. Using Telvis.com/lite scrapper.
  • W3c validation: Misc UI Tweaks
  • Parser is now released properly to prevent memoryleaks.
  • ReleaseNotes.txt added.
  • All writen files will be created into data/ (Linux users: Add write rights to it..)
  • This is BETA and needs be tested good in linux world. Please raport issues back here.
v1.99beta8 (USE VLC V1.1.5)
  • There are Telkku & Telvis EPG Scraper implementations. Settings.php has $SELECTED_EPG_SCRAPPER_INDEX to set which one to use. There are also "default" mappers included. To use them rename data/***.xml files by removeing "default_".
  • UI has changed a bit. 800px is the default width now.
  • JWPlayer 5.9.2156 with JWembedder (supports html5).
  • Aspect Ratio is now actually working.
  • Some new picons.
  • WebCams are now better supported. Settings.php has the info how to add WebCams to the system.
  • Streaming WAN IP has the link aswell to inspect it more..
Thanks goes to All of You who has participated debuging / using this. Cheers to Us All. :)
All feedback is good.

EDIT: 2015.03.09. TimmyTV 3.0 development is on the way, and new version will use VLC in a VLM manner, so all the starting problems in various platform are history.








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