The DreamZone Ver.1.1 “Begins” (DM7000)



The DreamZone Ver.1.1 “Begins” (DM7000)

The DreamZone Ver.1.1 “Begins” !!!

Supports: flash / usb / hdd / cf / nfs


Premiere support with Camd 3 & Mgcamd

(Download latest Camd 3 & config / and keyfile with Keyupdater)

press Blue Button

many little Bugs fixed :)

new update function

new highspeed download server

new keyupdater with panel update function

prepared for: new TPS AU function


1.09 kernel (2.6.9)
1.09 enigma (16032006)
Front Processor version 1.06 for DM7000
Squashfs 2.2-r2 with LZMA-compression
Tuxtxt v1.98
Web Interface: 5.9.7-Expert

Includes to DreamZone V.1.0 “Begins”

Key Updater by Malossi
Frysk language (Fries)
Custom Web Interface
Custom background images for radio and file mode
/var indicatorbar in Pli setup
LCD animation manager via PPanel download
Autostart gSUB if available, configurable in PLi image setup
PPanel updates including plugins, packages and progress indicator

General features

OSD supports: Yellow Button - Addons/Plugins, Blue Button - PLi Setup
Softcam / Cardserver setup incl. Sticky SoftCams
FTA detection: no more softcam switching when zapping FTA channels in sticky softcam mode
Private EPG for Premiere
Manual (un)install of plugins/addons etc
Enable/disable automatic download of software menu
Extra Tools: Check Cronjobs & Free Space; ECM-, Memory-, Mgcamd-Info, NetStat, Process list
Settings to control infobar on Zap and OK
- Name of the current running emu (e.g. 'camxng')
- Video format of the current service (e.g. '704x576 4:3 25 fps')
- Caid types supported in the current stream (yellow)
- Currently used Caid (green)
- Frequency, FEC, Polarisation, Symbol rate
- Indicator for teletext
- Indicator for extra audio options
Language Setup
Var to USB/HDD
Debug Settings
Create your own script control panel under the Blue Setup button
Firewall ready
Crond ready
Password change allowed by user to any password
Games ready
CIFS enabled
New file rename of your Recorded Movies:
Full Media Highway EPG support for ALL Media Highway EPG providers
Menu Language selection in your own native language
Multiview Icons hosted in /share/tuxbox/enigma/pictures/mvicons,
this reduces /var with 300Kb!
Add/change/update your icons in /var/tuxbox/config/enigma/pictures/mvicons
No SoftCams onboard ALL can be downloaded from Our Server !!