Taas uusi PP

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Taas uusi PP

Jälleen uusi Peter Pan image.
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- Based on Enigma of .0508
- Kernel 2.6.5 #36
- Module 1.08
- Auto Subtitle with Bullz Text 0.19
- Recording with subtitles
- Timeshifting
- Autorestore on Flasherase
- Built in language pack (nor, swe, dk)
- Web Interface: 1.4.0

- Emus
- NewCamd + Cardserver 5.11
- Scam 26.07
- Dreamcrypt 1.4

Known issues:
*) If you your dream crashes try to enable 32mb swapfile on USB/HDD that should do the trick.
When using pictureview your do need 100% the swap file

* When move var to HDD or USB picture can glitch at this end USB was better than HDD but on flash
it was 100% ok.

*) When using dreamflash -
language selection og channel may not stick, also some configuration may not be saved

Do not use this as BASE image with DreamFlash 1.4
Solution :
Leave dreamflash out, the image are good enough Wink