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Korjaus/päivitys: Otsikko oli harhaanjohtava + alkuperäinen uutinenkin osoittautui lopulta ankaksi... ainakin osittain.

Totta on kuitenkin että "Suomi" on myyty brittiläiselle Salya Corporationille Kyseisellä Dubain projektilla ei kuitenkaan näyttäisi olevan mitään tekemistä Fashion TV:n kanssa.

Fashion TV islands on The World ruled out
by Dylan Bowman on Monday, 28 April 2008
RULED OUT: Salya said it would not be building fashion themed islands on The World.UK-based developer Salya said on Monday the design and concept of two islands it has purchased on The World were still under review and would not be fashion islands as previously reported.

UAE daily Emirates Business 24/7 said on Sunday the developer had bought the islands of Finland and Brunei and planned to transform them into Fashion TV (FTV) branded resorts, citing a company official.

Both Salya and Nakheel, master developer of the manmade archipelago, confirmed the purchase of the two islands, but said the concepts had yet to be approved.

“While Salya World Island has bought two islands on The World, their concepts are still under development and pending approvals,” Salya said in a statement to

“However, we can confirm it is not related to any theme or concept related to fashion or Fashion TV islands. We are in touch with the master developer and will bring out an amazing development shortly."

A spokesperson for Nakheel added: “We can confirm Salya has bought two islands, but there will be only one fashion island on The World.”

Dubai Infinity Holdings (DIH) in January announced plans to launch fashion island Isla Moda on The World.

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DIH said it intended to develop a fashion resort, themed residential villas, haute couture boutiques and luxury hospitality facilities on Isla Moda.

Salya has several subsidiaries based in Dubai, including Salya Homes Dubai and Salya World Island.

The group has so far invested 800 million dirhams in 14 projects across Dubai, including the Mario Valentino Boulevard at Down Town Jebel Ali and Giovanni Boutique Suites at Dubai Sports City, and plans to invest 4.2 billion dirhams over the next 18 months.

Alkuperäinen uutinen:

World's Finland and Brunei to be hub of fashion
By Hamed Al Sewerky on Thursday, April 24 , 2008

The islands of Finland and Brunei in The World cluster have been sold and will be developed into two fashion-themed resorts, Emirates Business has learnt.

Salya Corporation has spent around Dh800 million to acquire the man-made islands and will plough a further Dh2.4 billion to develop the attractions.

Director Dr Rakesh Chandola said Brunei Island will be turned into a Fashion TV resort – a boutique development based on FTV channel – which will feature the world’s finest and best known brands.

“Located at The World, the Fashion TV resort will offer a once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity to those who seek to invest safely in real estate and want a piece of the pie of world fashion. The project has been designed around a hub of activities related to the fashion world, with worldwide broadcasts of fashion shows and related themes, attracting the who’s who of the fashion world,” he said

The FTV resort will feature a variety of suites, villas and waterfront homes for freehold ownership.

Chandola said Finland Island will be turned into a fashion community – FTV palace – and will host an exclusive boutique project of fully furnished hotel suites, villas and water front homes.

Both FTV palace and FTV world resort will be run by a leading hotel chain, Chandola added.

Both real estate projects are due to be completed in 2011 and the selling price of property on both islands will be around $2,500 (Dh9,175) per square foot.


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