SDT DaVinci4 reloaded 2 - 1.09_1d



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SDT DaVinci4 reloaded 2 - 1.09_1d

Hyvän imagen uusi versio saatavilla,

The Satnews Dreambox Team


Image for FLASH / USB / HDD / NFS

- Kernel and Modules 2.6.9 - Release 1.09_1d
- Enigma 1.09 - CVS updated to 09.07.2005, modified by SDT
- WebIf 4.3.0 Expert

This Image, if installed in Flash, will upgrade your FrontProcessor to Vers. 1.06

SDT unique features:

- Time Controlled Parental Control - define your protection-activation daily timetable
- EPG Wizard - download only the channels of your choice total automatically
- Flash erase via Remote Control
- FlashWizard Remote: FW program inside the box!
- Smart_Init: install flash image with auto-setup!
- usb stick also available from /usb (just like /hdd)
- Display stream infos on OSD
- SDT shell boot window

- SDT Boss Panel (blue key), upgradable from internet
- New SDT menu (yellow key)
- Latest SDT news display
- Display Signal-To-Noise Ratio on OSD
- Display stream infos on OSD
- Display channel encryption(s) on OSD
- Display current Emu on OSD
- Internet download of addons
- Manual install of addons from /tmp
- Addons manager, installer and uninstaller
- Place addons on USB or HDD
- Check /var place, and available free space
- SWAP file advanced setup from Boss Panel
- OSD timeout configurable from SDT menu
- HDD configuration (sleep and acoustic) from menu
- Gnome 4:3 and 16:9 skins, mod. by SDT
- Emuboss is now totally software configurable
- CIFS included
- SAMBA included
- Reiserfs is optional and dowlodable from Addons-Download
- All libs updated
- Complete busybox (nc, netstat, renice, cut, and more...)
- Auto-recognition of install place, flash or multiboot
- Automount disc/part1 usb stick
- Autoclean core files on hdd
- Added "restart enigma" (hot restart) on shutdown menu
- Tetris game included
- Recover Movies (in menu Enigma Extra Setup)
- Display SNR-AGC-BER on OSD
- Reiserfs-Support fixed

- This firmware contains no emus and no keys -

All Other Addons Available From Direct Download!]AREA FIRMWARE


3 * Nvidia Shield + Synology NAS DS218+ LG 77CX6LA + Genelec + RasPi/Volumio + Adam T5V - ArcoLinux
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