Relook Mutant 200S: hwmod



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Relook Mutant 200S: hwmod

Tiedoksi niille jotka ovat (erehtyneet) ko. (epästabiilin) laitteen ostamaan, laitteen RAMin saa nyt kasvatettua 32->64Mt oheisten ohjeiden mukaisesti - aikaisemmista muistinvähyydestä johtuvista ongelmistakin pitäisi nyt päästä eroon: (ed. rekisteröitymistä) (ed. rekisteröitymistä)
1. Cut the track around the K4 point "tagliare" (based on the pictures)
2. Connect the R38 to the U5 VCC (based on the picture)
3. Put the new RAM chip on the top of the existing RAM and connect each leg to each other expect the 19th leg.
4. Connect the 19th leg of the extended RAM to the K4 point.
5. Verify all your welding!!!
6. If the box started and everything works fine (you have to see only 32MB RAM at this point) verify you weldings again!
7. Change the image in flash-memory. Modified image has 2 differences: uboot and head.ko . You can download the whole image (serial_all) from sifteam site or you can download the special uboot (serial_boot) and the compatible images (serial_all_noboot) from denktenk download section (will accessible in this weekend). If you change the image you will see 64MB RAM.

Using the 200S+ (should we use this name?) you can use more software on the box (cardreader+emu) with more stable, you have less blips and lines on file mode, faster boot, you don't have low-memory problem on some images, etc.

Olin aikeissa suorittaa kyseisen modauksen mutta hieman jäi arveluttamaan mitä jälkimmäisen linkin "4x4x16 bit SDRAM" viittaus tarkoittaa?

"you need 4x4x16bit PC133 SDRAM chip (some of members reported hwmod is not working with RAM defined before and existing RAM together, they needed to replace the original RAM then build two same RAM chip in)"