rel109.boxman-03062005.img FP-Ver 1.06



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Kaakkois suomi
rel109.boxman-03062005.img FP-Ver 1.06

ein neues, aktuelles CVS-Image von heute Mittag für die 7000er.

Änderungen/Fixes aus dem CVS:

multichoice epg fix part2

mpg/vob/pva skip back was to fast

more complete list of transponders using two byte encoding ( UPC / Cyfra and other )

webif 3.3.0: restart vlc when switching subchannels

fix problem with non running clock in standby

dont show png not found messages

after zap the epgcache is now running static for 25 seconds.. this fix incomplete epg on ORF... (this is a workaround for the really broken EIT on the ORF transponder)

fix "sometimes enigma is now more responding after change radio channel out of the servicelist"
enigma was hang in the read syscall ( read the epgcache message pipe ).. i really dont know why...
so i have changed the order of "show background picture" and "inform epgcache about the channelchange" .. now the problem is gone..
directly not the picture show has caused the problem a usleep at the same place has caused the same effects... very ugly..

store content of epg on enigma shutdown to /hdd/epg.dat and reread it on enigma start

change storage size check to 50MB instead of 150MB .. better for use with hdd sticks or Compact Flash..
dynamic freespace check (vaatii rekisteröinnin)