Raportti Columbia-sukkulan tuhosta

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Raportti Columbia-sukkulan tuhosta

Raportti Columbia-sukkulan tuhoutumisesta (2003), tai siis lyhennelmä siitä, on luettavissa:

Siellä on myös linkki alkuperäiseen raporttiin.

Pari lainausta:
Columbia was destroyed by a breach in the leading edge of the shuttle's left wing that was caused by the impact of foam insulation from the ship's external tank during launch 16 days earlier. The wing melted from the inside out and eventually failed, either folding over or breaking away. The shuttle's flight computers then lost control and the crippled spacecraft went into a catastrophic spin. The nose section housing the crew module ripped away from the fuselage relatively intact, but the module broke apart within a few moments due to thermal stress and aerodynamic forces.

the astronauts to a sudden loss of air pressure that occurred so rapidly they did not have time to close their helmet visors

Se oli surullinen onnettomuus silloin. Kaikkea voi tapahtua, eikä kaikkeen voi millään varautua..