PLi Iolite May 2008 DM7025 Enigma2 image



3 * Nvidia Shield + Synology NAS DS218+ LG 77CX6LA + Genelec + RasPi/Volumio + Adam T5V + T7V + T10S - ArcoLinux
PLi Iolite May 2008 DM7025 Enigma2 image

A new PLi® Dreambox release will be available within a short time after we finished testing both images.

This release will contain a new Iolite DM7025 image and the brandnew Iolite DM800 image!
It will be announced in this thread when both Enigma2 images are available!

The Original PLi® 'Iolite May 2008' suite contains the following images:


Use the download URL below to be sure to download our original PLi® images.

You can also update from the earlier Iolite editions to this Iolite '2008 May editon' using Software Update.

-Online software update might fail (on your dm7025) if you do not have enough free storage.
Make a backup of your settings before you attempt to update.
-Because of the new initial setup wizard, your settinglist will be cleared when you update to the latest version.
Simply restoring an old backup will not work, because that triggers the wizard to restore to the default again.
(if you want to restore an old backup manually, add 'config.misc.defaultchosen=fal se' to /etc/enigma2/settings to avoid the settinglist to be cleared)

-UPnP mediaserver / client plugins
-IDE/SCSI harddisk manager
-DVD player plugin
-complete piconsets

Details of what's added and fixed since the initial 'December 2007' and 'January 2008' PLi® Iolite release

- Enigma2 repository May 3rd 2008
- PLi® repository May 3rd 2008
- 20080430 drivers for DM7025
- 20080430 drivers for DM800
- Some CryptoInfo convertor types and functionality added
- ScanSetup:
* Cable transponder 'blind'-scan: make sure we don't miss transponders when we receive incomplete lines in our dataAvail callback
* Default cable scan 'steps' instead of 'bands', 'bands' doesn't find all transponders on Dutch Cablenetwork
- Don't create a 'largefile' ext3 fs on a small (<=4GB) device, that wouldn't allow us to e.g. install a lot of picons on a relatively small CF
- Added picon install location selection screen
- Only allow to install picons on fileystems which support symlinks
- Always allow picons to be installed on HDD, with the new selection screen it's your own responsibility
- Rewrote harddisk manager, support scsi and ide devices
- Show correct harddisk capacity
- MediaPlayer:
* Support ':' in paths
* Use an absolute path when a playlist entry starts with 'http://'
- RecordTimer (and parseEvent): fallback to the extended description, when an event doesn't have a short description
- Join short/extended description, when the short description is so long that it looks like a situation where short and extended contain parts of a single full description

- Fill Now/Next with EPGcache, untill EIT arrives
- Implemented Now/Next refreshtimer, started when the EIT reader stops with an error
(EPGcache now/next will be used instead)
- Implemented context menu for eventview (open with 'menu' or 'info' *** while in eventview window)
* IMDB plugin installs itself into this menu

Enigma2 Plugins:
- PPanels: avoid BSOD when 'pipe' fails (it often fails with errno 12, 'Cannot allocate memory')
- Remotecontrol channel config plugin
- LipSync plugin: store audio delay as Enigma2 config values, set audio delay at startup, no longer depend on /etc/init.d/bootup to copy the values at bootup
- RSS reader: fix some escaped characters in the RSS data
- New RSS Reader feeds
- MountManager plugin:
* Do network mounts when Enigma2 starts, no longer depend on /etc/init.d/bootup to perform the mounts
- enigma2 plugins 20080416 (including dvdplayer)
- opencam 2.0.13
- mgcamd 1.29
- CCcam 2.08
- rqcamd 0.74
- scam 3.29

UPnP Plugins:
- UShare mediaserver
- djmount mediaclient

Skins Enigma2:
- All Global provider picons for Radio and TV per Satellite added
- Dutch TVHome picons added (thx to Xilorp)
- 'CryptoInfo' convertor added. Use as follows:
<widget source="session.CurrentService " render="Pixmap" pixmap=".." ...>
<convert type="CryptoInfo">HasSeca</convert>
<convert type="ConditionalShowHide" /
- Torkoise Skin added:
* updates by mimi74
- Nemesis.BlackBox skin:
* 'DecodeInfo' as example for CryptInfo converter usage added
- Rewrote Picon renderer, some speedups, check /picon/, check if /media/hdd/picon/ exists at startup, add that path to the search list only if it exists
- Nemesis Chromeline Skin added (PLi modded)
- Glassline Skin added (PLi modded)

- Several languages updated

- Global satellites.xml May 3rd 2008
- Scce symlink added

...And many low level changes, fixes and updates.

Detailed info, Wiki, FAQ's, HowTo's, TechNotes and information about this and the previous PLi® releases can be found on the PLi® Website:


3 * Nvidia Shield + Synology NAS DS218+ LG 77CX6LA + Genelec + RasPi/Volumio + Adam T5V + T7V + T10S - ArcoLinux
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