OpenPLi ja DreamMultiMedia yhteistyö päättyy



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OpenPLi stops actively supporting Dream Multimedia STB’s.
OpenPLi stops actively supporting Dream Multimedia STB’s
With the decision of Dream Multimedia to abandon open source for their STB’s, our motivation for dealing with the consequences of that has dwindled.
This has gotten to the point that we are no longer willing to apply Dream Multimedia specific patches, which is why we do not support their v2 STB hardware.
Because current OpenPLi users with Dream Multimedia STB’s expect support from us, we feel the need to make our position clear.
We have decided that:
- We will stop fixing Dream Multimedia specific bugs for existing DMM boxes;
- We will not support the “v2″ series of Dream Multimedia STB hardware, like the 7020HDv2 and 800SEv2;
- We will not support future Dream Multimedia STB hardware they may release;
The Dream Multimedia hardware currently supported by OpenPLi will remain active in our automated build environment, which means images will be generated and feeds will remain available, until we get to a point that this is no longer possible without intervention. At that point, we will effectively stop with all support.
Since OpenPLi is open source and available to anyone, feel free to setup your own build environment, and produce images for Dream Multimedia hardware yourself, “Based on OpenPLi”.