Näin otat käyttöön salaisen Windows 7 God Moden

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Näin otat käyttöön salaisen Windows 7 God Moden

As nice as Windows 7 is to use let’s face it — we always want total control over the computing environment. What we really want is to have total control in an easy-to-use form that puts everything at our fingertips. Enter the super secret Windows 7 God Mode.

God Mode is a simple folder that brings all aspects of Windows 7 control in a single place. It collects all of the Control Panel functions, interface customization, accessibility options, just about every aspect of controlling Windows 7 into a single place.

God Mode is easy to set up too, just do this:

* Create a new folder anywhere.
* Rename the folder by pasting this name exactly as it appears (copy it first):
* GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

That’s it, you now have a folder with the Control Panel icon (pictured above) that has all the controls in one place:

Source : http://jkontherun.com/2010/01/03/how-to-enable-windows-7-secret-god-mode/