Nabilosat DM7020 v07



Nvidia Shield + Synology NAS DS218+ LG B6 OLED 55" + Genelec
Nabilosat DM7020 v07

This new V. 07 version is oriented to graphics improvements and bug fixes.

What's new respect 06 ?

* New default skin Validation 7
* Added new graphic bars for Sat Signals
* Added new graphic bar for Events progress
* Added new graphic bars for volume slider
* Added new eGauge volume support in OSD
* Added seconds in time in OSD
* Added CCcam net info in OSD
* Added selection to nabilosat menu
* Fixed Premiere Picons
* Fixed teletext button (Enigma bug: always enabled)
* Fixed video format update
* Blue Panel recoded with new graphic look
* Yellow panel recoded with new graphic look
* Plugins list now is directly included in yellow panel (1xyellow)
1) Code optimized and reduced.
2) Changed download system to increase download speed and performance.
3) Addons Panel reordered:
- Nabilo Image Cams
- Nabilo Image Plugins
- Nabilo Image Skins
- Nabilo Image Scrip
- Nabilo Image Languages
- Settings
- Images
- Latest 10 Uploads
* Added in Yellow panel a function to have the latest 10 uploads
* Forum Panel reordered.
* All Sub panels redesigned to accord with new style

Warning..... Openvpn is fully included in this image, don't install Openvpn plugin in this image.

and more...

Special thanks to Vali for the new wonderful skin.
Thanks to all the beta-testers.
Special thanks to all the skinners Army Vali Matrix10 and Porto for the support in graphics additions and improvements.

No Keys, No Emu Inside.

Here are some shoots of new features