Nabilosat Black Hole 0.11 DM800



Nvidia Shield + Synology NAS DS218+ LG B6 OLED 55" + Genelec
Nabilosat Black Hole 0.11 DM800

Nabilosat Enigma2 Black Hole - DM800 v0.11

What is new in this version 0.11 ?

Matrix10 Black&White HD Skin awesome HD skin with large size fonts and panels​
Nabilosat Black Hole Device Manager gives you full control over all your connected media: USB, CF, SD, HDD, DVD​
Nabilosat Black Hole Kernel Modules Manager allows you to setup all the modules required by additional features and devices​
Nabilosat Black Hole AutoCam allows you to assign a different CAM/EMU to each channel​
NTFS support allows you to mount a device formatted to Windows NTFS​
Smargo Phoenix & others Usb Card Readers enable your Smargo or other USB Card Readers, based on chipsets Ftdi and Pl2303​
Virtual Keyboard is a new CVS feature enabling you to type in data through an on screen keyboard​
Viasat EPG is now available for download​
Subtitles White Large Fonts TXT subtitles with HD skins. Large DVB subtitles HD full size (CVS last fix)​

Nabilosat Black Hole Device Manager: this system will scan your DM for connected media, such as USB keys, CF, SD, HDD, DVD, and automatically identify them. Once identified, each media can be formatted, mounted and unmounted. Thus, you are no longer required to run a script or a command line to install any external memory device. Nabilosat Black Hole will handle this for you.Press 2x Blue, and select Black Hole Device Manager​

Nabilosat Black Hole Kernel Modules Manager: this new feature allows you to control the kernel modules, to support the NTFS file system, and enable the Smargo as well as other USB Card Readers, Ftdi and Pl2303 chipset based. If there are features you are not using, such as OpenVPN or NFS server, then you can disable their modules. Disabling unused modules will optimize your memory usage. The Kernel Module panel provide too an useful function to show all the kernel modules current running on your dreambox and relative size and informations. Press 2x Blue for the Kernel Modules Manager​

Nabilosat Black Hole AutoCam: this new feature allows you to use a different CAM/EMU for each channel. When you zap, Nabilosat Black Hole API system will handle the different EMU, and start the selected one. To assign an EMU to a channel, zap to the channel, press 1x Blue, and 1x Green​

CVS Virtual Keyboard: introduced by the CVS, this new feature offers an alternative solution to enter data where required. Nabilosat Team chose to use the Virtual Keyboard for the CCcam Setup, Inadyn Setup, Cron Manager custom command​

Skin Matrix10 Black&White: awesome HD skin with large size fonts and panels​

New Boot logo by ^^MaXiMoII^^​

MyTube plugin: this plugin has been included by default.​

Enigma2 CVS date
29 June 2009 2.6 experimental​
Drivers date
30 June 2009​
Second Stage #73-pr0

Main Function Keys
Button 1xOK = Light Info Skin
Button 2xOK = Extra Info Skin
Button Blue = Nabilo Blue Panel
Button 1x Blue + 1x Yellow = New System Monitor Panel
Button Blue-Long-Push = Extensions
Button Green = Nabilo Green Panel
Button Green-Long-Push = Subservices
Button 1x Green + 1x Red = CCcam Info
Button Red = Start Record
Button Yellow = Time Shift​

Dedicated Addons Server
Download and install additional packages from Nabilosat server​

Enigma2 Analogic Clock
Channel Orbital Position

Advanced Tuner Info: Sr Freq Pol Fec
Signal SNR, BER
Infobar Picons
Advanced EMU information​

Nabilo Panels features

1) Blue Panel

Black Hole Cron Manager
Black Hole EPG Panel
OSD Settings
Devices Manager
Kernel Modules Manager
LCD Settings
Fast Plugin Settings
Inadyn Settings
Swap File Settings
Hard Disk Setup
Nabilo Mount Wizard
OpenVPN Panel
Samba/Cifs Panel
NFS Server Panel
Telnet Panel
FTP Panel​
System Monitor Panel
CCcam Info
Service Info
Enigma2 Settings

Select EMU by Channel​

2) Green Panel
CCcam Info
Fast Plugin

Addons Download Manager
Manual Install Nab packages
Manual Install IPK packages
Addons Uninstall Panel
Nabilosat Statistics​

Many thanks to the Beta Testers Team

E2 Sky Epg loader integration by MaxZ4.
Matrix10 for the new Black&White HD skin.
Many Thanks to lukkino (VDR-Italia) for opentv source code.

This Images doesn't contain any keys nor softcams.
Backups or other modified Images are not supported.

Nabilosat Team highly reccomends to install this image to flash. It will be perform at its best, and you will fully enjoy all the features. Else, if you install it to multiboot, you must install the Nabilosat Pure Flash DM 800 dated 01 July 2009. Nabilosat Pure Flash DM800 01 July 2009 is available here.