LT5 sp9 - The end



LT5 sp9 - The end

Jos LT Teamin imagea vielä joku käyttää, niin uusin ja viimeinen tullut 7025:lle.

Since we made a descision of not make any LT6 for the dm7025 since to get it working we had to modify so much. Instead we made a sp9 for dm7025 of LT5 as "The end" for LT on this platform. Yes, you can start whine in forums but as it is now descion is final.

Note, you must have a swapfile on CF or you will suffer from BSOD sooner or later due to "Out of memory". Do not use a US Stick since USB does not work well on dm7025.

What we have done on sp9 is only update Enigma2, drivers and secondstage. Also we had to remove some GL.II skin parts and use default_skin to avoid some BSOD, we had not time to make new screens.

Hopefully we managed to sort out all BSOD from the image since this time it was not that hard tested.

Enigma2 20091120
Drivers 20091118
Secondstage #74

You with dm800/8000 have to wait little more before you get LT6.

can be found to dowh load at