LT - The Fourth (R)evolution

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LT - The Fourth (R)evolution

Wednesday, 12 March 2008
LT - The Fourth (R)evolution

The 12th of March, 2008

well...that was a nice reception we got of the preview video for LT4 - The Fourth (R)evolution...actually so great that we replanned the release to be today instead of later this weekend... We have so many people waiting for it that long, can we?

This time we have many new improvements in store for you. We have worked very very hard on this, and we feel that this is the image where we actually have added many new features, never seen on a dreambox before. Of course we have worked very hard to kill as many bugs as possible and make this image as stable as possible. We hope that this "extra beta month" has paid off well and you will enjoy it.

Here is a list that will summarize some of the new features:
* Brand new MediaCenter. You have seen it on the go and test it.
* Online Video-player... is true. Browse Google Videos, Youtube, on your DB and just play em...done through the MediaCenter and the LTStream2Dream tool.
* NRTR - "NO-RESTORE-TO-REFLASH"..keep the settings on CF card without need to backup when reflashing... More information and details on how to use this will come in separate tutorials on WWW.LTTEAM.ORG once we everything sorted. Stay tuned for more info.
* Lowered the total memory consumption of Enigma2. We have changed how E2 loads the skin's and that has turned out very well. This patch has been submitted to DMM and hopefully will be included in CVS soon.

Some of the major changes include:
* New skin, the amazing GlassLine.II by Nemesis. Picture-in-Graphics (PiG) enabled...this is of course optional.
* New remote control settings. You can now have up to 4 different Dreamboxes in same room.
* The "IMDB plugin" is such a great plugin and we have added it as a default plugin...
* Much much more small details changed and improved...why not try it out?

Information for the geeky Dreamer:
* LT FR is OE 1.5 based.
* CVS from 2008-03-08
* Enigma2, activated MHW EPG.
* Enigma2, added LT Menu patch
* Enigma2, Multibouqet activated by default
* Enigma2, activated YUV
* Enigma2, HDD sleep default to 1 minute
* Enigma2, Nemesis.GlassLine.II is default skin
* Enigma2, Show Infobar on Eventupdate default off
* Enigma2, Show dishmove default on
* Change ipkg update/upgrade website. Update function is now online.
* Remove joe, mc, enigma2-skins and enigma2-pictureviewer from the image to free up some space, even now when it is not needed.
* Create directories in /usr for scripts also linked from /var to diretcories in /usr
* Full busybox 1.01
* Upgrade files to more recent in tuxbox.
* Samba fixes, add missing printcap file and added / to the shares (be careful).
* vstfpd now have 644 as default file permission.
* LT Bootlogo
* LT Menu
* Added nano
* Latest drivers (20080303) and FP 7 and bootloader 51.
* Load CIFS at boot if installed (which it is default).
* Load NFSD at boot if installed.
* Update only transponderdata in satellites.xml (20080301) when building image.
* Align our /etc/picons to use the same as in CVS E2 instead (/usr/share/enigma2/picon/)
* Use LTMC as default mediaplayer but also create the possibility to switch back to the old mediaplayer
* Skin Selector: - Add two more selections: skin_PiG.xml skinLB_PiG.xml
* Make LTMediaCenter [recordings] to the video-button instead of LTMoviePlayer
* New EMU handling on CF
* LinkManager for handling of NRTR
* EasyZap "remember latest"
* Extended EasyZap cfg (1. toggle with advanced infobar, 2. only easyzap infobar, 3. only advanced infobar)
* Removed bouquet selection when entering LTEpg. Current service is selected when entering the list, too.
* New Config: 'Remote Control Level'. So, you can use up to four dreams in one room
* New Config: 'Remote Control Style'. Switch between Enigma/Neutrino. Removed the extra-plugin (RemoteControl-Setup)
* Bouquet-UP Button will open the Favorites-Menu and Bouquet-DOWN Button will open the Provider-Menu
* Removed LT-code for recording-lcd-label because it is now implemented in the CVS
* WakeOnLAN
* MediaCenter
* LTEPG Picons
* LTMenu - MultiLanguage support
* LCD Picons
* Mirror key-files from CF (NRTR)
* And many other small details...
* USB printer support (experimental)
* OpenVPN support (experimental) Linux kernel is compiled to support OpenVPN.

Well...there has been a lot of changes, most of them are coming from your requests and great ideas. Please keep them coming and keep us busy in the team... We all started this to get the image we wanted and started to share it. It has now turned into a great spam us with ideas. Some will make it in...some won't.

Have fun...and don't forget...this release needs a CLEAN FLASH INSTALL, i.e. no multiboot is tested or supported by LT.

This image is stretching the specs of the good old 7025 quite heavy so it is strongly recommended to setup a SWAP-file of at least 32MB on a CF card as soon as possible. We have worked hard on decreasing memory usage (see skin-loading-patch above) to make this as stable as possible...but we strongly advice you to use a SWAP-file for best experience.

Many thanks to DMM, tmbinc and Ghost for all help and support you have given to us.

Happy Dreaming.

Please visit our support site at:


VU+ Ultimo 4K, Duo4k, Samsung 4k 65", AppleTV
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VU+ Ultimo 4K, Kodi-HTPC, Aerial 2.4m & 3.0m, Sharp Aquos LC-70LE836
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Huoltovalikon jäsen
VU+ Ultimo 4K, Kodi-HTPC, Aerial 2.4m & 3.0m, Sharp Aquos LC-70LE836
Sinun tulee rekisteröityä nähdäksesi sivuston sisältöä.