Lainaus ulkomaiselta foorumilta

Lainaus ulkomaiselta foorumilta

Käytän copy/pastea tässä suoraan, koska koko topic on milöestäni erittäin hyvä ja vastaa moneen monia kumastuttaneeseen asiaan (sori, en viitsi kääntää tätä):
The DBox is not very forgiving.

Whereas a setup may have been fine using a Strong or a Manhattan, replacing these with a DBox is never quite that simple. It really is a challenge for many of us and few get it right first time.

Your signal strength on HB looks OK to me but even so if you experience pixelation, particularly on M***Vision channels then you have an issue with your earthing and should remake all your LNB connections both ends. I nearly sent my box back before discovering this and this was freezing my box in a similar manner to which you describe.

If you are using a Hard Disk makes sure it's 5400rpm because the glitzy 7200's eat so much power and generate so much heat the poor old DBox hangs waiting for supply.

Your dish alignment has to be spot on and your LNB should be of superior quality.

For the record I use a VBox to run a traditional motor and had to change the LNB cable completly. I also invested in one of the new fancy .3 db LNB's and added a mains earthlink to the DBox to overcome issues such as you describe and to increase signla strength on weaker channel. I still cannot get DSF on Astra with a 1.2 M dish...Go Figure

I am not saying that my experiences are commonplace but they may give you ideas of what to try aside from the good advice already provided by Nixus.

One final thought is this. If you are running the image in DBox Flash then I have found that, due to the limitation of the available Flash Memory, that the OS actually runs out of space and cannot perform certain functions. It thus basically goes on strike until you reboot the whole shabang.

This can be tested by trying to add a new skin or EMU using FTP. The reposne will be something on the lines of "cannot create file". I have seen some images so full that even trying to CHMOD a file using a Telnet session has returned an error and not completed.

Persevere my friend! This box is well worth the effort!