Kanavat Lyngsatista: Dreambox Lyngsat Settings 1.15

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Kanavat Lyngsatista: Dreambox Lyngsat Settings 1.15

Version 1.15

Change Log
Version 1.15
- Added quick help.
- Added more satellites/packages (73.0E - 61.0W).

Version 1.1
-Load a services file (E.G. services file from Pet123 settings, or services file currently on your dreambox). The file is used to try and fix errors
encountered in Lyngsat HTML files, especially missing ONID and TSID.[Special thanks to DCG for coming up with the idea]

Version 1.0
-First Release.

Dreambox Lyngsat Settings is a .NET application that will download Lyngsat HTML files, and process them into Dreambox settings files. The application will only process “Digital Clear and Digital Encrypted” services. The application will not process “Analog Clear, Analog Encrypted, HD Clear, HD Encrypted, Internet, Interactive or Feed” services.

The end process of a run is the creation of the following files:

a. Satellites.xml (Only with frequencies that have valid services)

b. Services (Only with transponders that have valid services)

c. Favourites (For each satellite and package, an identical Lyngsat representation).

It is worth noting that Lyngsat files have a lot of missing information and some incorrect information. Services with errors are skipped, while transponders with errors have their attributes filled with dummy values. It is up to the user to fix these errors.

by: s_Fanous

P.S. Make sure you install the .NET Framework 1.1, and read the accompanying readme file.