jTDM (Triple Dragon Manager) softa

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jTDM (Triple Dragon Manager) softa

v 1.0.9 ilmestynyt
Current version: 1.0.9

Please note this is still beta code, no warranty of any type is implied, please report any bug to webmaste@nostromolabs.com

new in 1.0.9: new TFt*server for image transfer
in order to start a server on port 69 (default tftp port), the user must have appropriate privileges, otherwise the server will not be start.

new in 1.0.9: JZapper: zapping tool for TD, with filtering options. Read services and favorites from the TD via port 9876, zap 2 channels use same port
socket connection with tdcontrol plugin). Connection to 9876 port does not require authentication.

Fill in the fields in the "config" page to setup the program with appropriate connection parameters.

Please test FTP connection and Telnet connection before any other operation; a filed for "telnet prompt" is supplied, fill-in with appropriate values.

A list of helper function is present in the "tools" page, allowing to backup and restore "/var/share/dvb2001" files (or channel list only), plus a function to dump and backup on your PC the entire content of the "mtd2" (the "4MB" partition).

Warning: the "Cancel Task" menu item is provided to force a disconnection if the client session (Telnet or ftp) should hang for any reason; use with caution.

To start the program, use jtdm.sh or jtdm.bat; launching the program from a console is reccomended, because of a lot of debug messages could help in see what's goin on' and eventually track down any bug or malfuncion.

KNOWN problems:
- the tool does not like boxes with empty passwords :)

Thanks & Regards

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