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Ja eikun personoimaan boxia..

Hämmästytä itseäsi ja kavereitasi omalla logolla:

= EasyLogo v1.0 =
= =
= by MusicBob =

What is EasyLogo?

EasyLogo is a dreambox plugin that allows to extract and save, or also to change, the boot-logo picture of the currently loaded flash image.
It is NOT requested to unpack and then repack the image, but all is done just by pressing a button on the remote control, in a few seconds.
The new boot-logo will be immediately visible on the next restart.


Just copy, via FTP, the files "easylogo.so" and "easylogo.cfg" to /var/tuxbox/plugins


EasyLogo has double function, selectable from the plugin's main window:

- "Grab logo from flash image"
allows to extract the boot-logo picture from the flash image, and saves it into /tmp directory, with the filename of "bildgrab".

- "Change logo of flash image"
allows to change the boot-logo picture of the flash image, taking the new one from the file "/tmp/newbild", that the user will FTP to the box before starting the procedure.

So, step-by-step:

- A) "Grab logo from flash image"

1) once entered the plugin, just press BLUE key on the remote control to activate this function.

2) the procedure will end in one second (a "Done" window will appear), and you will find the grabbed boot-logo into "/tmp/bildgrab"

- B) "Change logo of flash image"

1) Prepare your favourite picture for your boot-logo, by using TMPGenc and by following the usual procedure described everywhere on almost all the available dreambox's FAQ.
To make easy the setup of TMPenc, I included a template "TMPEnc_template.mcf" prepared for standard boot-logo mpeg conversion. You will find it into the directory "template" in the EasyLogo zip archive.
Just drag&drop the template file on the main window of TMPGenc and you'll be ready to convert.

2) once converted your picture with TMPGenc, rename the output file to "newbild"
(into the "demo" directory of the archive, you'll find a "newbild" file, ready to use, with a nice boot-logo picture, that will be surely appreciated by all the linux-maniacs. :-D )

3) ccopy "newbild" file to /tmp (with a FTP proggy)

4) Start the plugin, and push the RED button of the remote control to begin the procedure.
A progress meter will appear on a pop-up window to display the status of the install.

5) All will be finished within 10-15 seconds :)

6) Exit from the plugin and reboot dreambox. nice boot logo, isn't it? :))


Works on 107.4 - 1.08 - 1.081 images
All operations are protected: "newbild" file will be checked in its structure and its size, making impossible to install a too big picture that will not fit.
I suggest to use my template to prepare your own picture (the bitmap must be 720x576 pixels) - for all that concerns the picture's set-up and convert, please read one of the numerous FAQs present on all dreambox forums.
Tip: after grabbing an image's boot-logo, to display it on windows desktop, just drag&drop the file on TMPGenc program window, or, by renaming the file adding the .mpg exstension, it will be playable by Windows Media Player.


btx; logon koko on sitten: 720 x 576 pixel


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