Hydra7000 Lucien 1.08.2 Image

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Hydra7000 Lucien 1.08.2 Image

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Original DM7000 1.08.2 image by The_Hydra

- 1.08.2 kernel (2.6.9-rc1)
- 1.08.2 enigma (2004.09.27)
- Radegast [v3.0 beta13]
- Newcamd [v5.20a]
- DreamCrypt [v 1.08.2]
- NetPilot advance (v3.0 beta13 (c)2004 The_Hydra/Team Radegast.)
- autosatxml v1.5
- rdgdedit v1.7 (Radegast Edit Plugin by The_Hydra. Invoked from Sm@rtCAM - blue button.)
- scamedit v1.0 (SCAM Edit Plugin by The_Hydra. Edits SCAM config and key files. Invoked from Sm@rtCAM - blue button.)
- NSListing v1.0 (Netstat Plugin by The_Hydra.)
- PSListing v1.0 (Process list Plugin by The_Hydra.)
- Netpilot ConnectView v1.0 (lists netpilot connections The_Hydra.)
- Sm@rtCAM v1.2 (NEW!!!! Sticky interface. Makes it easy to stick channels and providers to a softCAM)
To invoke rdgdedit or scamedit press ok on the softCAM in the list field.)
- Control Panel v1.8 (To customise just edit /var/etc/cpanel.xml. Invoked by green button.)
- Plugins now invoked by yellow button.
- camd files in /var/bin for ease of use
- password change allowed by user to any password
- New BusyBox v1.00-rc3 (2004.09.25-03:04+0000)
- Modified Simple and Stylish skin with crypt icons and active SoftCam in OSD.
- OSD supports Green Button - C-Panel, Yellow Button - Plugins, Blue Button - Sm@rtCAM
- SNR meter added to the OSD
- Internet images updates
- Working DHCP support
- bullz_text ready - C-Panel has bullz menu. Thanks to bullz
- WIFI ready - /var/etc/init now checks for WIFI
- Ability to move the whole /var directory to USB or HDD
- Games ready - libfx library now bundled with image
- USB Format and tools now added to C-Panel

Downloadable addons:
- Bullz_text v0.25
- DreamBox Weather Forecast v.1.4
- DreamFlash v1.5
- DreamNetcast Plugin v1.0
- DrTic v1.8
- Games
- Jukebox Plugin
- MultiView - EPG vB3.0 Lite (Once downloaded use double click red button to access)
- Picviewer Plugin v1.0.5
- rss Reader v1.1
- Samba
- Shell_tool v0.9
- SysInfo Plugin v0.4
- Tuxcom Plugin v1.3
- Wifi Plugin v1.00(beta) thx to daf2000, lologuy and rongogo

Downloadable softCAMS:
- CAMD3 v3.664
- CAMX v1.10
- EVOCAMD v2.7
- MGCAMD v 29.07.2004
- SCAM v31.08
- SCAM v12.09
- XCAMD v2.0

Downloadable languages:
- Czech
- Danish
- Deutsch
- Dutch
- Finnish
- French
- Greek
- Hungarian
- Italian
- Norwegian
- Polish
- Portuguese
- Romanian
- Russian
- Slovak
- Spanish
- Swedish
- Turkish

Downloadable settings:
- Joske Settings (Now automatically reloads the settings into the Dreambox)
- Pet123 Settings (Now automatically reloads the settings into the Dreambox)

Fixes / New Features:
- New busybox v1.00-rc3
- USB format and tools added to C-Panel
- WIFI ready - checking now added to init
- Volume slider sleeker and better positioned
- Working keyboard - thx Zbee
- Confirmation support added to C-Panel
- Keyboard text button now works in rdgdedit

Known Issues:
- You tell us

This plugin allows you to seamlessly select your softCAMs and allows you to stick/unstick (remember/unremember) your softCAMs by both channel and provider.

This image does not contain any keys or rom files. It is up to the enduser to add them should he wish to use this image other than with a legal subscription card. The Hydra team is not responsible for any unauthorised use of this firmware.

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