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HISAT jatkaa ...

Kiinnostuksella tullaan jatkoa seuraamaan. Tässä mitä Hisat on tuonut esille tänään: (kopioitu sivulta: http://www.triple-dragon-fan.de/board/thread.php?threadid=3002&sid=9ee39de2573ea4279a05f07cd5485b75 )
OK - I've read the piece on TD Fan forum h**p://***.triple-dragon-fan.de and I'm writing this reply which I shall post in answer to your specific questions posted here at JKF and to some of the questions also posted in the TD specific Forum
Firstly Until recently I was in the same situation as those people mentioned in the Thread - I know Micha R and Lucian and I talk to them several times a week

Secondly HISAT is nothing to do with Armas but we are to do with Triple-Dragon insomuch that we own most of the available stock, as I write we have a big investment in supporting the TD, I would have lost over 48,000 GBP were it not for Lucian and Marcin and Micha R

Thirdly from Today I employ Marcin (formerly of Armas) here in Bristol and he will work with me to provide support for the TD

Fourthly whilst I have no responsibility for Jacks actions I have tried to help Micha R and Lucian Financially at this time and Micha R and Lucian can verify this if they chose to

Fifthly some people commenting in TDForum think I should contact them directly well maybe I should and will - I have never written anything much in the TD Forum only because I didn't want to directly advertise in the Forum and upset any other distributer - however now we are the source for TD Hardware and software - with the help of those mentioned above and others who know who they are - we will become as active as you need or want me to be - my Skype address is hisatdotcom

Sixthly Today is Marcin's First day working with us - we have to sort out many things in order for him to work - Employment issues - computors etc. after this we want to decide on Priorities with the TD I already spoke with Micha R and Lucian and others about having a Brain storming session

Seventhly Micha R and Lucian can't work for me full time and I can't afford to pay for them full time they also have other projects in development but I am a Victim of Jack too - He lied to me like he lied to them - fortunately none of this speaks badly of the TD Hardware or the software

Finally - please continue to support the TD - As we will - this is not the end it's a new Begining, a more focused begining

Kind regards to all the TD Owners out there and would be owners - TD Software is better than it's ever been and the Hardware as before remains better than ALL the other pretenders

Tuo gccadm foorumi on muuten sitten foorumi jossa TD keskustelua on käyty ajan saatossa paljon englanniksi ja käydään varmaan jatkossakin