Gemini 2.60: 500, 5620, 7000, 7020



3 * Nvidia Shield + Synology NAS DS218+ LG 77CX6LA + Genelec + RasPi/rAudio + Adam T5V + T7V + T10S - ArcoLinux
Gemini 2.60: 500, 5620, 7000, 7020

Gemini v2.60:

Technical Info:
* Enigma of: 19.12.2005
* GCC 3.4.4 Original CVS
* Web Interface: 5.8.1-Expert
* Busybox 1.01 ( <=7000 )
* Busybox 1.00 ( 7020 )
* Tuxtxt V1.94

Function Buttons:
* Blue - Blue Panel (BP)
* 2x Blue - BP -> Extras/Settings
* Yellow - Quick-Button (can be configured through the BP)
* Red - EPG List for the active channel
* 2x Red - EPG Style Menu
* Green - Subservices

* Own Addon-Server via Internet.
* AutoCam: Emus can be linked to Channel/Provider
* Cam-Settings: for example Renaming of Emus, Multichannel-Patch adjustable ( >=7000 )
* OSD: EMM- and ECM- Display activatable
* Possibillity to download and automatical install additional functions via Internet from the Gemini-Addon-Server
* System Info: Many exrta info about your Box (for example the Harddisk-Temperature or all other Enigma-Settings)
* Gemini-News are downloaded in the backround
* JPEGs can be rotated and the EXIF-Tags can be displayed ( >=7000 )
* Support for OGG/Vorbis
* Random - Function for MP3 and OGG
* Quick-Button-Menu: Many extra Functions for the yellow button
* smbmount
* Support for CDROM/DVD, no matter if they use IDE or USB ( >=7000 )
* Record CIFS/NFS: Record to a CIFS or NFS mounted Harddisk (only possible if no Harddisk is present in the box,the Mountpoint has to be "/mnt/usb" with a Minimum of 3GB)
* Extra Menu: Settings for many Extras like Inadyn, HTTPD, EPG-Cache, setting var to usb/hdd and many more
* Backup Function
* Dreamnetcast: with Shoutcast TOP(100)
* Backround pictures for Radio, MP3 and SCAN can be changed through Blue Panel.
* Custom Scripts can be started over Blue Panel
* Calender including Reminder (can be changed over ./gemini_cal.conf)

* Convert MVI files from JPG, BMP, GIF or PNG Images in the menu "Backgroundpictures".
* The bootlogo of the 7020 can be changed in the menu.
* Two new setup options for music and pictures can be found in the root of the filemenu (BP->Extras/Settings->Root-entry).
* Create your own Satellites.xml.
* New Font and Libfribidi for arabian.
* EPG for Dishnetwork.
* Dreambox can be used as printserver(BP->Extras/Settings->Printer (LPD)).
* Alarm Clock with adjustable volume offset that plays your own WAV-files.

* MP3 background picture is shown during Dreamnetcast
(built in version)t.
* Creation of Swap-File on the HDD

Interfaces WebIF: (ZAHL = Nummer des Cams) (ZAHL = Nummer des Cams)

We'd like to thank everybody who paricipated in the "Gemini sugestions" Thread.
Unfortunatly many things are,from our side, not possible to realize.
This Images doesn't contain any keys or Softcams.
Backups or other modified Images are not from us
and won't be supported!

If you don't install the Image in the Flash of your box,
then the Flash image you use shouldn't be to old.
A swap file/partition (>= 16MB) should be present if you have several processes running in backround.


Thanks a lot and have Fun
Your Gemini-Team