Gemini 2.40 (7000S)



Nvidia Shield + Synology NAS DS218+ LG B6 OLED 55" + Genelec
Gemini 2.40 (7000S)

Gemini Image 2.40 (Dream 7000):

Based on DMM 1.09.1

Technical Information:
Enigma of 19.10.2005
gcc 3.4.4 Original CVS
Web Interface: 5.2.3-Expert

BLUE Button - Blue Panel
2x Blue Button - Set boot/mode Pictures via BluePanel
YELLOW Button - Quick-Button (can be assigned via Blue Panel)
AUDIO Button - Sound track choice
TEXT Button - Video Text
RED Button - EPG List for current channel
2x RED Button - EPG Style Menu
GREEN BUTTON - Subservices


* AutoCam: Assign Emus to channels/provider
* CamName: renaming of Emus
* Multichannel-Patch switchable via Cam-Settings

* OSD: EMM- and ECM- Display
* Epg-cache: Saves EPG-Data on HDD or USB-Stick
* permanent clock on OSD (may be assigned to Quick-Button)

* Additional Features available via Internet from Gemini-Server with auto installation
* DreamInfo: many additional Information of your Box (i.e. HDD-Temperature or all Enigma-Settings)
* MP3: Random - Feature
* Gemini-News will be loaded in a background process
* JPEGs may be rotated and EXIF-Tags can be shown
* Support for OGG/Vorbis
* Random - Function for MP3 and OGG

* smbmount
* Support for CDROM/DVD, no matter if IDE or USB (not for 5620 or 500)

* Record CIFS: Record to a HDD mounted with CIFS (will only work, if no HDD is inside the Box)
* Record NFS: Record to a HDD mounted with NFS (will only work, if no HDD is inside the Box)

Setting Features:
* Extra Menu: Settings for lots of Extras like Inadyn, HTTPD, EPG-Cache, Swap out VAR and many more
* Backup-function
* Quick-Button: Freeze Image or zap to a predefined channel

NFS/CIFS is only available in Timer-menu, if mounted successfully. There is a size-check available. If the capacity is more than 3GB (NFS/CIFS Mount) and /mnt/hdd is bigger than 3GB, it will be shown in the Timer-Menu (this works only without internal HDD.)
Please mount PC-HDD always to /mnt/hdd

* lzma_patch
* Entire Blue Panel is outsourced
* Record SMBFS: Recording to a HDD mounted with Samba on a PC
* Dreamnetcast: Extended with Shoutkast TOP(100)
* Infobar: Settings expanded
* Background-Pictures: for Radio, MP3 and SCAN can now be chosen via Blue-Panel.
* Backup Creation: personal Blue-Panel addons can be saved
* Backup Rebuilding: personal Blue Panel addons-Settings can be rebuilt

We wish to thank all people, that supported us on the recommendation-Thread for the Gemini-Image.
Unfortunately lots of things are not possible from our side.

Interface WebIF:

NO = Number of CAM

This Image does NOT contain any K**s, Cams or Plugins.
Own Addon-Server available via Internet.

Now in the Database ---> Dreambox - Images 7000 ---> The Gemini Project

Please use a Flash-Image which is up-to-date, for example CVS-Image from 14.10.2005 or later.

Furthermore we remonned you to use a Swapfile with the size of about 8-16MB in order to avoid Memory-Problems.

One Request: Please DON'T post just 'Thank you' but use our 'James' instead. Just click on it...

If you notice any errors, please make sure that it has something to do with the new image. The image is NOT responsible for some channels that won't get decrypted and such things should not be posted in this Thread.

You also shouldn't post questions in this Thread on how to install addons and so on. We have special categories here for that purpose. Please pay attention to our Board rules...

Last but not least, we dissociate from any kind of modifications and backup images. Original Gemini always come without any Emus, Keys or other Addons preinstalled. Backup-images and modifications are not of our origin and won't be supported by us...

Thanks a lot and have fun.

Your Gemini-Team



VU+ Ultimo 4K, Duo4k, Samsung 4k 65", AppleTV
Sinun tulee rekisteröityä nähdäksesi sivuston sisältöä.


Nvidia Shield + Synology NAS DS218+ LG B6 OLED 55" + Genelec
Sinun tulee rekisteröityä nähdäksesi sivuston sisältöä.