FW Pro 4.5

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FW Pro 4.5

No onkos tullut Joulu......

Making Dreambox Easy

Release 4.5 PRO

- Added SmartSettings copy option
Automatically initializes and set new multiboot installed images (and backups) with all your usual system settings (favourites, channels, all antenna's parameters, lnbs and motor configuration, video, language, etc..)
The SmartSettings Copy is a powerful option that analyzes the new installed image or backup, and copies to it only the compatible configuration settings, in a smart way, generating no compatibility issues at all even between different images developed by different Teams.
And works also on images with compressed /var folder!!!

- Added Logo picture (bild) change/add capability for multiboot images.

- Added clipboard copy-paste buttons for SmartTelnet window (also with keyboard shortcuts: CTRL-C and CTRL-V)

- SmartTelnet window is now wider than standard telnet clients, much more confortable.

- Some minor fixes

- Locales included:
Italian, English, Deutsch (locale + help files, thanks to Lapidis), Turkish (thanks to Sanchooo187), Dutch (Thanks to eric2905).