FlashWizard PRO NFS beta mkII tarjolla

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FlashWizard PRO NFS beta mkII tarjolla

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What's new?

* Added compatibility with images for DB 500 and DB 56xx
They are automatically recognized and installed, just drag&drop as ever.
The install beginning dialog will inform you on the dropped image.
Now FlashWizard is full compatible with DB 7000, DB 56xx and DB 500 images.
Thay can be installed either in flash and multiboot.

* Added Advanced SmartCopy
Allow to full copy a list of file and/or folders from active image to the new one being installed.
As for SmartSettings, it is full working also with images that have a compressed /var folder at install time.
WARNING_1: be careful with this option, use wildcards in filenames only if you actually know what you are doing.
WARNING_2: To avoid image malfunction, do not try to copy special dir/files (like /var/etc/init) between images developed by different Teams: every developer use these files to configure their images in a different way each one from the others.
If you're not an advanced user, limit the use of Advanced SmartCopy to plugins files and other useful addons ;-)

Please read this NOTE:

I have not a DB 5620 or DB 500.
I tested DB 500 and DB 5620 images by installing them on my DB 7000, with original DMM 107.2 (kernel 2.4.20) image, just like the actual kernel of DB 500/56xx.

The images are booting up ok here, until Enigma showing up.
Then it gives a Fatal Error, of course, because I am trying to run a 5xxx image on a db 7000 (it says "cannot load Remote Control codes for db 7000").

So, being passed through all the boot up process, until Enigma loop, I think it is working on a real 500 and 5620, with NFS mounted device of course.
But I couldn't test it myself.

FINALLY... remember it is still a beta version...

Have a good testing, my friends!