FlashWizard 7o2o BETA 2

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3 * Nvidia Shield + Synology NAS DS218+ LG 77CX6LA + Genelec + RasPi/Volumio - ArcoLinux
FlashWizard 7o2o BETA 2

FlashWizard 7o2o BETA 2
Public beta - released 30/09/2005

* This is a public beta
Every comment or bug report is highly appreciated, best for me if posted
on the official support forum, where I daily hang around :)
Warning, please read:
-> PLEASE UNINSTALL Beta_1 from your flash image before installing present release.
-> To uninstall, you must use FW beta_1 itself, NOT this beta_2 release.

Thanks. :)

* What is supported?

- DM7020:
To make it clear: :)

* On Flash:
you can use *any* true OpenEmbedded .nfi image (MUST have an OpenEmbedded image
in flash, no old fashioned 7000-like images are supported in flash).

* On Multiboot (USB/HDD/CF/NFS) you can install;
1) all known .NFI images, both OpenEmbedded and Tuxbox-CVS (yes, old 7000's style too, like Neutrino);
2) all known .IMG images, built for DM7000 from 1.074 to 1.09 (!!);
3) .FWZ backups of any DM7000 images
4) .FWZ backups of DM7020 images, both OpenEmbedded and Tuxbox-CVS old fashioned.

- DM7000/5620/500:
All is still supported:
you can install and run every image/backup from 1.074 to 1.09 both in flash and multiboot
on USB/CF/HDD/NFS (only on models that support these devices).

* What is new?

- DM7020: Totally rewritten image startup logic
Fixed network startup, Telnet server is now always working for multiboot images.
Warning: PLEASE UNINSTALL Beta_1 from your flash image before installing present release.

- DM7020: Get rid of GO file, both for .NFI and .IMG images and backups.
The GO file will no more be present on images installed on DM7020.
Warning: this means that you can't swap anymore an usb stick or CF card from DM7000
to DM7020 and vice-versa to use the same installed images.
Please make a backup and then restore it on the target machine to be full compatible.
Swapping Usb Sticks and CF cards between dreamboxes sharing the same model name
will of course still work perfectly as before.

- DM7020: Nameserver address fixed on SmartSettings copy

- DM7000: Rewritten GO file, updated and fixed for latest images
All .ko modules are now FULL removed before starting a multiboot image.
The kernel modules aren't belonging to flash image any more (if an image of
same kernel version is to be started, of course).
Multiboot images will use their own modules.

- DM7000: Fixed patches on rcS file of latest CVS
(no remark lines as unique statement inside if..then..fi conditional, as ash
shell scripts don't like it... ;-)

- New Boot menu 1.8

- SmartTelnet clipboard buffer enhanced, for wider range of copy/paste data.

- Other fixes and code tunings, as ever :)

* TO DO:

- DM7020: Install in flash of NFI images and FWZ backups.
Please be patient a while, this will be the next step, I promise :)

* Notes:

- When installing a non-enigma image (Neutrino), please make sure to
disable SmartSettings copy. SmartSettings copy procedure is tuned for
Enigma images and will not work on others.

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