FlashWizard 6.2

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FlashWizard 6.2

Release 6.2

* Release 6.2 20/01/2006

* Select devices to use (Multiboot)
You can use all your devices or disable some of these in
Configuration and Utilities Window.
Disabled devices are not used and not scanned for images in Multiboot
window (but the FW boot menu will always scan for all devices).
Warning: if you disable some devices, then FlashWizard will not use them
for saving temp files too. This means that enabled devices must have
enough free space for installing images and, expecially, while saving or
restoring backups.
Tip: backups make large use of temp files, so if you disable fast devices
(i.e. hard disk) this will result in a slow down of the backup/restore

* Images InfoWizard: add sounds/musics to your backups! (*.mid, *.mp3, *.wav)
The Images InfoWizard gets more powerful:
you can now add a background music, played while saving and restoring
backups (both flash and multiboot).
Tip: use midi or mp3 files, do not increase too much your backups file size.

* GO file finally fixed
Hopefully working on all dreamboxes now ;-)

* Boot menu transparency fixed, according to new cvs framebuffer changes.

* Better handling of FW2 files

* Italian, English, Deutsch, Francaise locales included.
German translation by Lapidis, updated by Jo Squillo
French translation by Mimi74


Starting with FW 6.x, a new powerful tool is born: Image InfoWizard
It is a complete editor for backups distribution infos, maybe for images too in the future.
You can add texts and graphics, plus a background picture and a music, plus a sponsored link too.
Texts are in Rich Text Format, you can edit/write them with WordPad (you can run it direct from
InfoWizard tool Window).
The background picture (optional) is a BMP bitmap file.
The background music (optional) can be included from *.mid, *.mp3, *.wav files,
and will be played while saving and restoring backups (both flash and multiboot).
The "sponsored" link (optional) can be input on InfoWizard window, and will show on
your distributed backup, a click will open your browser on linked page.
Image InfoWizard can be used both for flash and multiboot backups, generating a *.FW2 file.

Eli tuo läpinäkyvyys menussa, uusilla imageilla on nyt myös korjattu.


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