Enigma1 ja Enigma2 eroja

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Enigma1 ja Enigma2 eroja

Ohessa kömpelö käännös saksasta englanniksi enigmojen välisistä eroista:

* Kernel driver for Enigma1 are all for the PowerPC architecture maintained.
* Kernel driver for Enigma2 are all for the Mips architecture maintained.
* Enigma1 is written in C and very powerful
* Enigma2 is essentially in python-script-ed was to speed disadvantages leads.
* Enigma1 can with only one tuner bypass
* Enigma2 can circumvent meheren tuners
* Enigma2 lives from the fact that almost no programming extensions are necessary to write. Unfortunately, the man remembers z.T. to the plug-ins.
* Enigma1 and Enigma2 are what plug-ins are still at eye height. It is foreseeable that Enigma2 ueberholt.
* Enigma1 has a stringent durchgaengige same Benutzerfuehrung whether you Zapped, canned screen, music or listen looking at pictures.
* NO Enigma2 has stringende Benutzerfuehrung. For any purpose other plug-ins used umstaendlich effect was (and is).
* Enigma1 allows only a recording or a network stream at the same time.
* Enigma2 allowed several shots and gleichzeitge network streams, but de facto only on the 7025 (and perhaps times 8000) makes sense. Even on the 7025 there are dropouts in the recording, where the second recording starts.
* Enigma1 does not allow the programming of ueberlappenden timer recordings
* Enigma2 allowed on any hardware (also on single-user machines) programming ueberlappenden timers, which haendische post-control necessary.
* Enigma1 is incredible performance even on old hardware.
* Enigma2 is generally quite traege
* The WebIF of Enigma1 is not a beauty but effective, providing all the necessary functions and also running at a very trimmed browsers.
* The WebIF of Enigma2 (to) playful, it lacks some important functions and they are only accessible by the URL. In contrast to Enigma1 WebIF running it e.g. no longer on mobile browsers.
* For Enigma2 there is a Firefox plug Controlr to control the Dreambox.