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Samsung DSR9500 EMU v1

This a firmware for Samsung DSR9500 VIACI boxes, with internal EMU.
It is based on v118 multicas. (And based on Dynamit's emu)

For the EMU to work, you *must* use some cnx card in the box.
This can be official cnx card, or some fun/gold/whatever soft.
(preferably a card without keys or it might interfere with EMU)

The EMU decrypts s*c*, n*gr*, vxs and ird*t*
(cnx support has currently been disabled, and cnx ecms/emms go to card)

The EMU supports AU for n*gr*, vxs, ird*t* (pmk only.)
(s*c* and ird*t* HMK are not supported yet)

Included is an editor (courtesy to Eurocrypt.) which you can use
to read/write keys from/to Sammy.


The 1st time you upload this fw to your box, you need to take some special steps.
1) Upload the fw to box (using any tool you like).
2) Powerup box using remote with cnx card inserted, and go to some channel.
3) Powerdown box using remote.
4) Powerup box using remote again with cnx card inserted, and go to some channel.
5) Now you *MUST* upload valid keybuffer with editor (because it isn't part of fw).
6) Powerdown box again and then keybuffer will be stored in flash.
7) Now you can use fw as normal ..

Some things you need to know :

*) The EMU will continously do AU.
In case of successfully AU you will NOT be notified in any way.
When the next ecm arrives (which could take some secs) then the image will appear.

*) Only when you powerdown box using remote, then the keys will be stored in flash.
If you powerdown some other way (like switch on back), all newly received keys are lost.

*) Some channels have multiple ecm pids (like TPS).
Sammy will *always* use 1st ecm pid as default.
You can hit EXIT key to show a banner with pmt info (CAID, ECM_PID, IDENT)
You can use PG+ and PG- keys to walk through PMT, and use OK button to select new PID.
This setting will NOT be remembered.



PS. Thanks to everybody who helped. You know who you are.
PS2. The fw is not perfect, it will hang/crash on some non-important channels. I hope to fix it one day .


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