DTS-koodattua musiikkia Siriuksesta:

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Swedish Radio (SR) has announced that it will commence Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) multichannel test transmissions from the Sirius 2 satellite, utilizing the DTS Coherent Acoustics compression/decompression algorithm. The 5.1-channel transmission will represent the highest sound quality ever publicly broadcast anywhere in the world, with a 1.5 Mbps (DVD high bit rate) DTS Digital Surround signal. Commencing on February 7th with a live broadcast covering the PopStad festival in Vaxjo, Sweden, the service will run until the end of April 2003. It will include a wide variety of SR's programming, including contemporary, classical, and jazz music, along with comedy and drama. It will also feature remixes in multichannel from the tape and record archives of SR.

The 24-hour free-to-air broadcast service will be transmitted across Europe using both the Nordic and European beams of the Nordic Satellite AB (NSAB) Sirius 2 satellite (5 degrees East), on 12.245.34mHz Vertical and 12.379.60mHz Horizontal, respectively. In order to receive the multichannel signal, listeners will require a satellite dish able to receive the Sirius 2 transmission and a DTS-enabled set-top box decoder. The STB is connected via the digital output to an A/V receiver with DTS decoder, in the same manner as a DVD player. In conjunction with the project, Tandberg Television is supplying the first MPEG2 encoders to support the DTS algorithm.