DreamZONE image Dz_dm500_1_.v.1.1

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DreamZONE image Dz_dm500_1_.v.1.1

Uusi image. Näyttäis hyvältä, Pli pohjalla? Itselläni ainakin on
tuo Pli image 5620:ssä ja se on paras (imho).

Hi here is DreamZONE V.1.1 Image for DM500

1.09 kernel (2.6.9)

-Squashfs 2.2-r2 with LZMA-compression
-Tuxtxt v1.98
-Web Interface: 5.9.7-Expert

Includes to DreamZone V.1.0

-Key Updater by Malossi
-Frysk language (Fries)
-Custom Web Interface
-Custom background images for radio and file mode
/var indicatorbar in Pli setup
-VCR recording for the 500
-LCD animation manager via PPanel download
-Autostart gSUB if available, configurable in PLi image setup
-PPanel updates including plugins, packages and progress indicator

General features

-OSD supports: Yellow Button - Addons/Plugins, Blue Button - PLi Setup
-Softcam / Cardserver setup incl. Sticky SoftCams
-FTA detection: no more softcam switching when zapping FTA channels -in sticky softcam mode
-Private EPG for Premiere
-Manual (un)install of plugins/addons etc
-Enable/disable automatic download of software menu
-Extra Tools: Check Cronjobs & Free Space; ECM-, Memory-, Mgcamd------Info, NetStat, Process list
-Settings to control infobar on Zap and OK
- Name of the current running emu (e.g. 'camxng')
- Video format of the current service (e.g. '704x576 4:3 25 fps')
- Caid types supported in the current stream (yellow)
- Currently used Caid (green)
- Frequency, FEC, Polarisation, Symbol rate
- Indicator for teletext
- Indicator for extra audio options
-Language Setup
-Debug Settings
-Create your own script control panel under the Blue Setup button
-Firewall ready
-Crond ready
-Password change allowed by user to any password
-Games ready
-CIFS enabled
-New file rename of your Recorded Movies:
-Full Media Highway EPG support for ALL Media Highway EPG providers
-Menu Language selection in your own native language
-Multiview Icons hosted in /share/tuxbox/enigma/pictures/mvicons,
-this reduces /var with 300Kb.
-Add/change/update your icons -in /var/tuxbox/config/enigma/pictures/mvicons
-No SoftCams onboard ALL can be downloaded from Our Server ..