DreamStreamer (DM500/7000/7020)

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DreamStreamer (DM500/7000/7020)

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DreamStreamer is an application used to show and record streams from the Dreambox.
I did this program to be able to do good recordings from my DM500.
It is tested with DM500/DM7000/DM7200 on XP and Vista.
It is based on VLC activeX control.

New in version 1.5
New EPG Getter, with integrated script editor and debugger.
It should be possible for everyone to add support for their favorite EPG provider.

1. Install VLC. (Version >= 0.8.6b)
Download VLC from this site: http://www.videolan.org/ Install VLC according to standard-settings
for path and others (default).

2. DM 500 issues.
To get a good streaming from DM 500 you must use Snakehands modified driver.
It is used if you check the checkbox "Use modified driver" in the setup dialog.

I have not been able to get good streaming with Gemini 3.50 so avoid that one.

3. Install DreamStreamer.
Install DreamStreamer by running DreamStreamer Setup.exe

4. Start DreamStreamer.
The first time you start the program a pop-up prompting you for the IP-address,
user name and password to the dreambox.
Check use modified driver if you are connecting to a DM500. You also have to fill
in the path where you want to store recorded program. (Mount directory)

5. Add support for EPG.
Right click the mouse and select
”Setup EPG” Check/select providers, channels, number of days.
Click "Grab EPG" and when finished you can quit EPG Getter.
In the future you don't have to grab epg manually,
this will be handled automatically every day the first time you start DreamStreamer.


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