Dreambox DM7000 rel 109 release 14.03.05

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Dreambox DM7000 rel 109 release 14.03.05

Uusi VIRALLINEN, ladattavissa. http://www.dream-multimedia-tv.de/dm7000/

Huom. FP 1.05

Major changes since 1.08.2_1beta


* Tuxtxt updated to latest Version
* Webinterface updated to latest Version
* Last chosen EPG-Styles are now saved seperately (in Channellist/outside Channelist (Doubleclick on red to change))
* Busybox 1.00 final
* Enabled Accoustic Management for HDDs
* New Frontprocessor-Firmware
* Movies/Files are now deleted in background (Navigation is no more blocked while deleting)
* Added ability to enable Standbymode while recording
* Integrated Pictureviewer into filemode(JPG, BMP, GIF)
* New mp3/radio backgrounds
* New Skin (carbon)
* max amount of Automounts increased to 8
* Integrated IBM-Performance-Library (string and floating-point functions take advance of this)
* Integrated external Flash-Utility - rebooting after Softwareupdates should work in future update progresses
* Adjustable Splitsize for Files (max. filsize is now 16GB)
* Jumping is now possible in MPG/VOB Files, too
* Improved pause feature (no more artefacts)
* New FFW/RW Function (Adjustable speed by pressing Button once, twice, three times, etc, hold button for jump feature)


* Networkfixes
* Changes/fixes on timecorrection
* Timerfixes (Overlappingdetection, some smaller Bugs)
* Timeshiftfixes
* Various CI fixes, Ultimate CI works now
* Fix for double TSID/ONID on Hispasat 30°W (11615Mhz and 11931Mhz have same TSID(0x14)/onid(0x01))
* Fixed EPG for Bulgarian Channels on 16°E (not DVB-Standard compliant)
* Some changes on remote-control drivers (no more reaction on third-party remote-controls)
* many many more Bugfixes

Changes since 1.09beta

New Features

* Added additional standby scripts: /var/etc/enigma_enter_idle.sh und /var/etc/enigma_leave_idle.sh (Will be executed when enigma is doing somehting or is doing nothing even if a Recording in Standby-Mode ist active.)
* Plugin start/stop over WebIF removed (didn't work properly)


* Fix for erroneous audio tracknames when audio tracks on Premiere changed (etc: changing from "AC3 5.1" to "AC3 2.0")
* EPG filtering by Languages didn't work properly
* Fixed asnychronous TS-Playback
* Fixed some memleaks
* Smaller Kernel fixes
* Activated additional option in Kernel-Config for better USB-Storage detection
* Fixed deletion of double tranponders in Transponderditor
* Fixed "Someone has stolen the focus" on leaving a Plugin
* Doublclick time for opening Streaminfo (2x Info) incresed, because of this the normal Eventinfo appears with a little delay
* LCD fixes on Multi-EPG
* Deleting Satellites is much faster now
* In various Comboboxes Satellites are now sorted by Orbital-Position
* Fixed problem with not-booting enigma when a device attached to VCR was already activated on boot-time
* Starting Timeshift over Pause-Key didn't work always
* Some internal speedups


Nvidia Shield + Synology NAS DS218+ LG B6 OLED 55" + Genelec
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