DM7020: Peter Pan Neverland 1.0



Nvidia Shield + Synology NAS DS218+ LG B6 OLED 55" + Genelec
DM7020: Peter Pan Neverland 1.0

Peter Pan Neverland 1.0

Technical Info’s:
* Enigma from: 19.02.2007
* GCC 3.4.4 Original CVS
* 6.0.1-Expert by Humsat
* Busybox 1.0.1
* Tuxtxt V1.99

Function Buttons:
* BLUE - Peter Pan Menu
* YELLOW - Quick Button (Configurable)
* RED - EPG active channel
* 2x RED - EPG system Menu
* GREEN - Sub services

* Own addon server
* Image Special configured for Nordic users
Menus in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish and English
* Multi EPG on all channels using MV/Mplug
All in its own Menu.
* Special adjusted Webif by Humsat
* Webif Integrated guides
* Own survey and guestbook available from Webif
* Subtitles integrated using gSUB by Gruffy
* Own Media Player Menu, CD/DVD
* Satellite settings for Nordic users on server
* Menu preview of Own skins before download from server
* Webserver Menu
* Hdd/usb/cf Menu
* Inadyn Menu
* User script Menu
* Backup / restore Menu
* Peter Pan Info’s Menu
* Quick button configuration Menu
* Scandinavian character set in Txt-Tv
* Mgcam / Newcs preinstalled

NO keys available in image or server.

The Peter Pan Team wishes all users good luck using this
image and we hope you'll be satisfied with what we have
come up to this time.

A special thanks to all contributors and beta testers.