DM500 image (jos joku sattuu tarvitsemaan)

DM500 image (jos joku sattuu tarvitsemaan)

Original DM500 image by The_Hydra

- Lastest 1.08 enigma (2004.07.06)
- Radegast [v3.0 beta9 T1]
- Newcamd [v5.09]
- SCAM [05/07]
- DreamCrypt [v 1.08]
- FreeX-TV
- NetPilot advance (v3.0 beta9 T1 (c)2004 The_Hydra/Team Radegast)
- autosatxml v1.5
- rdgdedit v1.6 (Radegast Edit Plugin by The_Hydra. Supports the new radegast file format.)
- NSListing v1.0 (Netstat Plugin by The_Hydra)
- PSListing v1.0 (Process list Plugin by The_Hydra)
- Netpilot ConnectView v1.0 (lists netpilot connections The_Hydra)
- sm@rtCAM v1.0 (Replaces emuselkta - now has channel/provider "sticky" support by The_Hydra)
- Control Panel v1.5 - To customise just edit /var/etc/cpanel.xml
- camd files in /var/bin for ease of use
- password change allowed by user to any password
- BusyBox v1.00-pre8 (2004.07.08-05:29+0000)
- Modified Simple and Stylish skin with crypt icons and active SoftCam in OSD
- SNR meter added to the OSD
- Addon support for NFS
- Working DHCP support
- bullz_text ready - Thanks to bullz

Downloadable addons:
- Dr Tic v1.8
- Jukebox Plugin v0.4
- PicViewer Plugin v0.9
- Samba
- SysInfo Plugin v0.4
- Tuxcom Plugin v1.2

Downloadable emus:
- XCAMD v2.0
- CAMD3 v14.11

Downloadable settings:
- Joske Settings (Now automatically reloads the settings into the Dreambox)

- Screen Capture
- DreamTV and Tuxvision
- Showtime fix for Nilesat

Known Problems:
- Motor does not turn

This plugin allows you to seamlessly select your softCAMs and allows you to stick/unstick (remember/unremember) your softCAMs by both channel and provider.

This image does not contain any ***s or rom files. It is up to the enduser to add them should he wish to use this image other than with a legal subscription card. The Hydra team is not responsible for any unauthorised use of this firmware.

<<<<<<<<<< U MUST FLASH ERASE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Please flash erase this image using dreamup befire you install it:

Failure to do this may give an error message "Cannot Parse /var/etc/cpanel.xml"

eli tuki NFS:lle on, vaikuttaa enemmän kuin mielenkiintoiselta. eli myt kuunnellaan kokemuksia ympäri ämpäri..... :D


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