DB 500: CVS boxman 15.04.2005

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3 * Nvidia Shield + Synology NAS DS218+ LG 77CX6LA + Genelec + RasPi/rAudio + Adam T5V + T7V + T10S - ArcoLinux
DB 500: CVS boxman 15.04.2005

Fixes aus dem CVS:

* lcd support for daemon (LCD=Y/N, GUI should support /tmp/lcd.locked)
* support for english osd (OSD=G/E)
* fix non working lcd locking
* add support for playback PVA files, fix seeking in mpeg files with only one sequence header.. ( created with tmpgenc and non correct settings )
* dont update lcd when /tmp/lcd.locked exist
* webif rotor manager: more work. rotor should move now (untested)
* fix replacement of & in xml stuff
* put startplugin function back in
* webif config mgr: nicer swap file screen
* pictureviewer: fix for always 16:9
restore correct screensize after use of pictureviewer and 16:9 setting
* tuxtxt: close pig device
* setupnetwork: center buttons
* fix for grouped satellite handling,
small rotor fix
* small fix for daylight saving
* more daylight saving fixes
* fix for showing real transponder time in timecorrection dialog
* show remaining time in channellist (channelinfo) when the option is in expter setup selected
* webif: add year to timers
* webif: fix for & char in service description when recording thru epg
* webif: fix for backward compatibility
* webif: tvbrowser timers now support years (you have to specify syear=%SY;eyear=%EY in the capture plugin parameters)
* fix button shortcut handling.. fix priority for numberactions
* dvb.h: small fixes
* decoder.cpp dvb.cpp dvbservice.cpp: small fixes
* improoved transponder scan
a) after sdt scan check for services they exist in the pat but not in the sdt
b) add ability to add manual services ( with manual pids . vpid apid pcrpid tpid ) .. to use this feature open the manual scan.. enter transponder data here.. when you have transponder lock press the yellow button.. or select "manual pids"
* scan.cpp: remove debug code
* scan.cpp: small fix