CVS Network Browser & Mount Manager (Enigma2)



Nvidia Shield + Synology NAS DS218+ LG B6 OLED 55" + Genelec
CVS Network Browser & Mount Manager (Enigma2)

The new CVS is including 2 new features, available through the Network Wizard system plugin. These 2 new features are the Network Browser and the Mount Manager, developed by DMM.
To launch the Network Wizard, press the MENU button, then select SETUP, System and finally Network Wizard.
The new Network Wizard will be as follows

Select Network Browser and press OK. Your DM will scan your Local Area Network and discover any PC or DM available. To make sure that other DM's are discovered, enable the Samba server on each of them.
For this reason, starting from v0.9, the Samba server is enabled by default in all the Nabilosat Black Hole images.
Upon completion of the network scan, you will be able to see all available devices, like in this screenshot.

Press OK to select a media on the device

If you press OK again, you will be prompted to complete the mount point, and all the required fields are already automatically provided.

Press OK and your mount point will be completed and activated

Then you can use the mount manager, to change settings or simply complete the unmount

Enjoy it.

Info by DeepDriver / nabilosat