Alkuperäinen Dream Multimedia 1.08 softa julkaistu



Nvidia Shield + Synology NAS DS218+ LG B6 OLED 55" + Genelec
Alkuperäinen Dream Multimedia 1.08 softa julkaistu

New Features:

* Kernel upgrade to 2.6.5
* Dreamkeyboard-Support activated (Keyboardsetup for changing Layout available)
* current Web-Inteface from cvs
* added dhcp-support
* added passwordprotection to Web-Interface (can be disabled in expert setup)
* auto retune when signal is lost for a short time
* left/right mono works now too, when channels sends only stereo (former it only worked when 2 mono-channles were sent)
* Endtime and what should happen when timer is over (nothing/standby/shutdown) can now be changed during running timer-events
* At the End of an timer-event the box controls if there starts another timer-event during the next 10 Minutes,
if not, you will be asked if the box should go into standby/deep standby (30 sec. timeout)
* on deleting an recorded movie, the name of the movie will now be showed in the "Are you sure"-Window
* debug-output on serial port can be disabled in expert-setup (needs to be enabled for installing settings over serial port)
this is optional because the serial port can't be used otherwise when enigma opens it.
* enigma now sets up linux-time
* removed option to format with ReiserFS. reiserfsck still available.
* increased maximum number of LNBs to 32
* fast-zapping option in expert-setup, when enabled, everthing is as it has always been, when disabled, zapping is a little slower but
there are no more of that short sync-freezes
* DVB-Subtitles work now (e.g. 15°W Extreme Sports - crypted) - can be enabled in Audio-Menu (yellow Button)
* Added factory-reset (actually the same as a flash-erase)
* Added automatic volumeadjustment (enable in Audio-Menu with blue Button an choose Volume with Vol+/-).
Works best when you turn the Volume to the max. before using it.
* Added Help in Textinputfields.
* no more need grabber.o to make a screenshot (but no deinterlacing).
* added sleep/wakeup-scripts (/var/etc/ and
* max filename lenght is now 100 Characters.
* for dvr timers enigma never more do wakeup from standby

Bugfixes (most important only)

* fixed Memory-Leaks
* Last chosen Mode (File/Radio/TV) will be restored after restart
* Fixed various Bugs according to recordings
* New found services will be added to the correct Provider (SDT-Scan)
* Automatic-Symbolrate-Correction
* MPEG-Decoder now uses full Chroma-B-Framebuffer
* fixed Satfind
* some fixes in Transponderscan (e.g. twice scanned services)
* fixed PS-Player
* fixed keychatter
* fixed timezones
* lower memory comsumption
* repeated timers can now be canceled when recording hasn't started
* testpictures are now available again (Video-Setup - Test). You can switch between the pictures with the numbers.
* some CI-fixes
* improved EPG-Cache (caches more Data now)
* fixed freezes on format-changes (4:3->16:9 and t.o.w.a.)
* freezes on changing from regional program to normal program
* small fixes on parental-lock
* polish EPG now works correctly
* and many more fixes

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