7025 NBC CVSplus 12.04.06

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7025 NBC CVSplus 12.04.06

7025 NBC Enigma2.0 CVS compiled 12/04/2006 by SDT Team

- Enigma2 CVS 12.04.2006 (new)
- Secondstage v #44
- satellites XML 07/04 (new)
- evocamd 2.04u + newcs
- TeleText
- MediaPlayer
- Multiple instant recordings
- HDD sleep timeout is set to 1 minute
- Restart Emu
To restart evocamd:
"Main Menu" -> "StandBy / Restart" -> "Restart Enigma2 and Emu"

- For maximum HDD performance with new multiple recordings capability, in this image the "hdd acoustic" parameter is set to 254 (maximum)
If you want to change it, just edit the file: /etc/init.d/tuxbox-hdd.sh

Included an user script to run daemons at boot: /usr/bin/userstart.sh
Include there what do you wish to run at boot


The Satnews Dreambox Team

OE Build Configuration:

This image was built under KUBUNTU 5.10 Debian-based linux environment, with gcc/g++ compiler v4.0.2 and kept updated to the latest packages available.

BB_VERSION = "1.3.0"
OE_REVISION = "e13f10623ff9e1c9cd27cf60349f3b87510f6d15"
TARGET_ARCH = "mipsel"
TARGET_OS = "linux"
MACHINE = "dm7025"
DISTRO = "opendreambox"
TARGET_FPU = "soft"

Latest CVS updates & fixes:

11 apr

- some logic to detect useable nims for rotor plugin
- don't display blue knob till pip works properly (PIP doesn't work properly for now! don't activate it! it will eat your box and cat)
- fix tuner selection in positioner plugin for more than one dvb-s nim
- add missing import
- don't crash when there is no info
- fix FIXMEE :) (don't open recording filter with pid 0x1234.. use -1)
- immediate close no more used demux fd's

10 apr

- mv data/skin.xml/MediaPlayer data/skin_default.xml/MediaPlayer
- catch pressing EXIT in extensions list
- don't show REC symbol in infobar when timer is a 'justplay' timer
- fix instant records (timers, deleted through the timer menu are still in the instant recording list. timers, that are in the instant recording list will be deleted now in that case)
- don't pay attention to instant record timers, that are not running
- set english as first language in language selection
- fix
- add destroy
- add: italian language, thanks to musicbob
- disable inforbar extensions for now
- fix timer disable/reenable

09 apr

- add destroy() for Components to fix bug #52
- enable DMX_ADD_PID by default - you need dvb-core support for this\!
- fix fd leak for recordings