7025 LT - The Third Challenge SP1

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7025 LT - The Third Challenge SP1

LT Third Challenge - Service Pack 1

Another great day for LT users. We have now managed to improve the LT Third Challenge with updates from the CVS, bug-fixes and the newest drivers from DMM. Make sure backup all your important data before you rush to the update function in LT.

Please continue to give us feedback so that we can improve the LT image even more for the next major update.


* Enigma2 20071116
* Updated LT packages, your remotecontrol will be set to default settings.
* The lastest drivers 20071123, new features are:
- AC3 sync fix for playback (i know this causes some trouble on RTL AC3 streams, I'm still working on that)
- framebuffer is now more accurately positioned against mpeg pictures
- OLED dimming
- some smartcard stuff which i don't know anything about
- alsa playback now works even when previously AC3 coded data was played
- {VIDEO,AUDIO}_CLEAR_BUFFER was fixed (uh, oh)
- CA related fixes (which I again don't know anything about). If this breaks your application, then your application is (most likely) broken (i've heard.).
- a very ugly LCD bug was found which made using CF cards impossible.
- aspect changes in PIP won't propagate to main screen

LT Bug-Fixes includes:
- If no orbital-position found there will be a return of "" instead of "(0.0E)"
- Fix memory-leak for MOTD.
- Fix: Not showing complete author-name when you have more skins installed and the scroll-label is visible.
- Fix: Showing service-name in the channel-selection (channel-list).
- About screen pixmap fix.
- New width of the LTMenu div due to some looong translations.
- Duplicate LTMenu entrie fixes.
- New keymap.xml from fresh E2 CVS
- Timer Selection bsod fix.
- FIX: BlueScreen reading the own IP in StreamPlayer.

Either you update with Online Update from LT Menu or use the imagefile which you can download from,